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Santi - The Best!

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May 3, 2001
I just got an E-NEP knife and a Thai rattan sheath from Santi.
Santi is great to deal with and I can't see how he can make any money on these hand crafted Thai knives and sheaths, especially when he sends them DHL (got mine in less than a week).

A distributor needs to work out an arrangement with Santi to get the E-NEP (a Kukri styled blade) and Thai swords marketed here.

The knife is handforged from a truck spring and the sheath is handwoven rattan.

This isn't the tourist stuff you see in Thailand this hancrafted in small Thai villages and is made for their own use.

Thanks again Santi! :)
Santi is a great guy to do business with. Hey Santi, feed my BM850 some oil from time to time ;)

Andrew L
I'm really glad you like it Malcolm. ;)

Thanks for the kind words. The feeling is mutual, I'd love to do it again with both of you. :D
All Hail the Mighty Santi! lol.. :D

Seriously, he's one great dude you can count on time and again. I trust him like a brother born elsewhere.. hehehehehe.. :) Now if only he gets tired of that BM and sells it to me.. mwahahahaha!!! :)

Hey Santi, hope your kid gets well soon! We're all praying for his full recovery.

Take care!