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"Sarki with no name."

Feb 15, 2001
Uncle Bill, who exactly is (are) the "Sarki(s) with No Name?"

Reason I ask is that I have my two Sirupatis; the 18" by Kumar and the chiruwa 20" by Kesar. The 18" scabbard is good, the 20" is beautiful. Perfectly covered, tooling is gorgeous, every seam is clean and the flap covering the compartment for the chakma and karda is tied and tacked down so it catches nothing. It's a little tight but is wearing in.

I'd just like to see the guy who made this get a little credit! Or at least to know his name. I don't suppose sarkis typically mark their work the way the kamis do?
The sarki with no name is actually our sarki staff -- most of them guys who have been with us from the start. Here's how the name came about.

Before the sarkis understood the importance of quality plus the fact that BirGorkha would pay for quality but you'd get fired for sloppy work they would get drunk on the job, probably smoke grass, and their work was not good. I suggested to Gelbu and Pala that these sarkis should be fired and replacements hired.

When Gelbu passed on this information the sarkis started to cry and for good reason. Under and unemployment combined runs about 80 percent in Nepal and to be fired would mean probably going hungry. Pala and Gelbu felt sorry for the sarkis who promised they would quit the nonsense and produce top quality scabbards and frogs so they gave them a second chance. To appease me (I was angry and demanded better work and wanted these guys fired) they dreamed up the story of hiring this super kami who could do the best work in Nepal and I thought this is what they'd done. When I saw the results of the renewed effort of the sarkis I was quite pleased -- top quality tooled rigs with a frog that would never wear out. So, under the mistaken assumption that the new super sarki was doing the work this is what I posted. But when I asked for his name they would not send it because there was no such person so I dubbed this phantom sarki the sarki with no name. I liked the name and so did others so it stuck but in reality he is our old group with a couple of additions just doing the job right.

Blessings from the computer shack in Reno.

Uncle Bill
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And a great job they do. Great story, it reaffirms my belief that some people when given a second chance will be better than you could have ever thought them to be.
One thing Bill neglected to mention was that a scabbard by Terry was sent over to Nepal. I believe that part of the "encouragement" given the sakis was an impression that they might start getting the scabbards made over here!

"Ayo Ghorapani!"
Thanks for the story, Uncle.

Y'know, I wonder what would happen if the sarkis started signing their work. There's nothing to make you pay attention like knowing your name's on the line.

And hats off to Pala and Gelbu for giving 'em a second chance (once you'd gotten their attention, of course).