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sas survival guide

Dec 29, 2006
I have had 3(read them till they fell apart)they are the best I've found for general survival knowledge has any one read them? if not I recommend them
I am currently reading it, and even though I'm only one-third of the way through it, I really like it. Of course, I often end up ignoring my college readings in order to read it :D
I agree with you, the SAS Survival Guide is the best survival book I have red so far, it's even cover tropical survival techniques which is relevant in where I live.
Out of all the survival books/manuals, the SAS guide (Wiseman) is one of my favorites. The Gem (little book) version is awesome, as it doesn't take up much room in packs, kits, etc. I haven't looked lately, but I think the Gem version is hard to find. If someone knows a decent source for the Gem, please let me know.

The Gem version, coupled with a Mora knife, makes a great gift for an outdoor person.
The Gem version is available via Wal-Mart's website (though I don't think it's in any of their brick-and-mortar stores). It's, what, seven bucks? Great deal.
Thanks RotJD, I'll check out their website. The last time I bought the Gem edition, I ordered it through Amazon and they came from England.
I got also the SAS book of John Wiseman. It's indeed a good book, but I prefer the book form Ray Mears more.
I got also the SAS book of John Wiseman. It's indeed a good book, but I prefer the book form Ray Mears more.

Hey JurT,

Respectfully, it's not an either/or situation. Books are like knives - buy as many as you can. :)

A quote:
"Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information upon it". (Samuel Johnson -1709-1784)

As I get older, I find there's a lot less of the former and a lot more of the latter.:(

I really like it. I practiced making hanging snares this past weekend. I suggest that folks practice various bush craft.
My best friend and I both read the wiseman verson and then we go out and try to "out-craft" one another in trap making and shelter ect.then we compair notes at the end.it's a great way to practice bushcraft.