Save Me From the Sales Man!!!!

Jun 25, 2001
My First Khukuri is a special order and now because bob tends to love teasing and tempting me he is sitting at the computer next to me showing me all the things i really really can't afford but could easily love enough to risk starvation.

Give up, it is futile to resist! As you may already know, HIKV is a non-curable disease, despite what the cave-dweller may say. Go ahead and lust all you want, just make a list, and save your pennies. Yard-saling is a good way to get cheap clothes, which leaves more $ for Khuks!!! (Turn down that air conditioner, it's not THAT hot, is it? Every penny saved is a penny toward that next fine Durba or Bura K!


I know I can't resist and I continue to prove it...I am getting a kagas katne and and a khukuri from Uncle Bill and hopefully a kobra within the next month or school in the summer means lots of extra cash..well not lots but enough to afford knives, playing at the gun range and paint ball field and come on after that all you need is a little food once in a while

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Hey, I'm just doing my part to help Uncle Bill raise the standard of living for the kamis, and help make sure they can support their families. If I can't afford this stuff, somebody has to.
Okay, so taunting does play a nice incentive in my efforts though.


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Just remember...

1). You can buy food cheap at the food bank...

2). Wait for the clearance sales on Ramon Noodles and the generic Mac and Cheese...

3). Buy a 20lb bag of rice and a rice cooker (spurge a little on the rice cooker)... it will last you about 3-6 months...

4). Spagetti noodles with a little bit of soy sauce in the water is a cheap dinner...

5). If there is a bakery in the area that donates day old stuff to agricultural purposes, go in and say you have to feed your pig... they'll give you a whole cart (about six-eight 2x3' trays) of yummy stuff for free (ok, maybe this one is regional... here in SD you can fill the back seat of your car with pastries, bread, muffins, and other bakery products).... You won't really be fibbing, since when you have gone without food for long enough, you (I) can really resemble a pig when eating

6). When school starts again... go to the deli condiments cart and grab a handful of crackers every day. Crackers are good belly fillers between meals...

Can you tell I have been a starving college student too long!!!! I have to admit, I haven't used ALL of the above techniques yet... but I am willing and able if needed


When all else fails...JSTF :D
Thanks for the hints I am already cheap to feed my money problem is room and board for my mother and I cannot get her to understand eating well comes after toys
Welcome Bella, looks like you fit right in. Not enough money to feed the need. What is your custom order? I am waiting for one of the Kenpo Khukuri Specials. I can't wait til I get that so I can line up something else.
Thanks for the welcome. For some reason I do always tend to fit any group of Gguys the status quo would find strange if not disturbing.

I am getting a Special Order UBE by Durba...Fell in love with a knife somebody else bought and couldn't con them out of it so I am getting one simmilar to it
I think we should all take part in trying to convince Bella that she needs to get a more ornate UBE than normal. I mean, if she's specifying the maker, she might as well go the whole nine yards, right???

Besides, those carved handles are beautiful; and, we all know she'd love the Garud style handle, especially when mated to what has become her favorite knife design. So, she'd just be taking a great thing and making it a bit better.

Just my feelings on the topic,

Really Bob?

You think that what i should spend all of my extra summer money on versus trips to the gun range i owe you?

How about this I'll get any thing done to the handel you want as long as I no longer owe you trip and you pay for the nex three.

If this doesn't work for you just call me a B**** like you usally so i can tell you to kiss my A**

(this doesn't mean I don't still love you though I need the entertainment you provide at work)

Please post some photos of the "Special Order UBE by Durba" when you recieve it

The khukuri village idiot
Welcom, bella, didyou tell Bob to call you Bella, and to kiss your Art?

Sometimes English really screws me up...LOL!