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Saw blade steel

Oct 20, 2000
I may be in wrong place for this, but it's knife stuff - a friend has got old cross cut saw blades from which he's making knives. I'm doing this on sly a work and don't have my steel charts here with me. Does anyone know what kind of steel was typically used for those blades saws? L2 or L6 or something like rings a bell. It's clearly going to be carbon steel. What's in it? How tough is it? Would it make a good knife blade. Thanks.
It is probably L6. That is a very tough carbon steel that takes a great edge when properly heat-treated. Good knifemaking material!

I have heard L6 from a number of makers. But Larry Harley uses it the most if you want a deffinitive answer. larry is out of tennesse

he is a real character he also goes hog hunting with knives and he will tell you all the sounds a hog makes when you stick it.

he is really good maker who doesn't get a lot of attention these days.