Saw it on eBay and am puzzled...

I saw that too. I have no idea. I checked through the list I keep. It may have been a design that was given a name, I just don't have an association. There are still many others from the list I have that I'd love to see though. :D
Heck, I have dozens of (soon to be ;) ) empty Spyderco boxes.
Perhaps I could make serious money out of this :D
I have a collection of over 35 unique Qs and all but two have boxes. I was the "unsucessfull" bidder on the Crown box and see I should have bid a bit more! I am very interested what this pattern was like, so any info will be appreciated. BTW, I need an EMS box that I'd offer $25.00 for!

Thanks for the responses. (Chris, if I find out any info I'll email you.)
Hi Lureman,
Is the EMS a Q?
I also would like to know about the Royal.I don't remember that one.
The EMS is a Q; I think I have a photo of mine and will send you a photo.
I'll also post any information I find out about the Royal.
You another Q collector in NH ? That would be unique :) Here is an EMS pic that I have. No knife though. I'd like to find all the outdoor outfitters (EMS, Cabelas, EMS). The one I do have is from a Dutch outfitter (bever).
I figure somewhere along the way I'll find 'em.
When this seller first listed this box he listed it with a knife. The knife was clearly a well worn delica but he was advertising it as a "Q". Clearly not the original box.
I emailed him to notify him of the error and suggested listing the knife and box separately. He did.
I assume the box was for a Royal Blue Q. I bet someone could just email the buyer. I suspect he knows what he bought it for. Maybe I will...
He never returned my mail. If I remember, the number on the box indicated a black handle...that's about as close as I have come!

Hey, wasn't someone from Spyderco writing a book, or article, listing all the Qs made?
The BUYER returned my email. He did not indicate whether he knows what a Royal Q is. He did indicate that he is waiting for Sal to pipe in...
He never responded. The seller was very friendly, but couldn't shed any light on the "Royal."
See above edit.

Buyer: "Good morning,

I’ve been following the thread on, but I have nothing to add to it. Since several of our “Q” experts don’t have clue, I think the best thing is to wait for Sal to chime in.

See you around the forums!"

2nd email: "ehhh, I want to bring to your attention that I'm the BUYER, not the seller. Please edit your post on


Thank you WY!