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Say bye bye BASICS!


Mar 6, 2001
Well it's official word that there will be no more basics. I'm glad I got my BASIC #5 in time. :D Since it seems that the reason being was the price increase of mod INFI which now comapres in price to INFI, should Busse continue making the basics in INFI or not. I hate seeing great knives going out of production.
Originally posted by NIB
...should Busse continue making the basics in INFI...

I'd really like to see Busse Combat INFI Basics, and I would imagine this possibility is already under serious consideration. I don't think there is a more ergonomic handle in the Busse line-up than the Basic resiprene grip, and the blade shapes of the Basics have excellent utility/versatility. I also like the light weight of the hidden tang on the Basic models.

It seems to me that if Busse intends to continue making the Basics in INFI, it would be good public relations to announce that fact before the Basic product line escalates in price--which is bound to happen if consumers are allowed to react under the impression that this is the "last call" for Basics.

I don't think Basics were ever considered serious collectable candidates, and announcing that INFI Basics are in the works would keep anyone from mistakenly paying collector prices for M-INFI blades. Obviously INFI Basics would be expected to cost more than M-INFI, and that fact would protect the desireability/marketability of the M-INFI Basic line at current prices until the current stock is sold out.

Just my $0.02.

Wow :)
I was just thinking of ordering a custom basic in INFI :) It'd be really nice to have #5 or #7 in INFI. Or both...
1. Combat Basic
2. Basic Combat
3. Basically Combat
4. Basic/E Combat
5. Resciprene INFI
6. Basic Tolerance
7. Basically Tolerant
8. Basic/E Tolerant
9. Rest-in-peace INFI
10. Combat Grip

Now that's a unique idea. . . . starting your own contest are you? ;) Odds are, you will most likely win. . . unless some of the other nuclear miscreants jump in. . . . and knowing this crew, as I so sadly do, many of them will . . . in fact, my guess is that. . . about 898 of them are here by the weekend. LOL :D

Yours in nuclear holographic contests,

Jerry Busse
Originally posted by Jerry Busse

Now that's a unique idea. . . . starting your own contest are you? ;) Odds are, you will most likely win. . .
Hey Jerry, once he wins will you give him a prize?
Jerry, Someone asked why there were so many "new/unused" Busses out there notwithstanding your admonition to "tough love" them and USE them. Well, I think I got it half figured out; it's because too many Nuclear Knife Knuts are sitting around the computer participating in contests and trying to keep up with your changing product line. They should be out in the field! They should leave the thinking part to greater minds ... like yours and mine. ;)
Gator97, It is sufficient reward for me to enjoy the comraderie of this select, though strange, group.

If he is able to win his own contest, I think he should award himself with his own prize. . . . In fact, further contemplation leads me to believe that if Nimrod is able to win his own contest that, following in the bizarreness of this contest, he should award ME with a prize.. . . Now, I'm not talking about some little $300.00 combat knife as a prize. . .. I'm talking Lexus, Porsche, something nice. I'm even willing to pick it up myself and save him the cost of shipping.

In light of this turn of events, I wish Nimrod all the best in, what I hope proves to be, his impending victory.;)

Yours in nuclexi,

Jerry Busse
Well, well. This makes me happier than a pig in slop that I got my Basic 7 recently.
Now I have a Basic 5 & 7, that should cover most of the bases in the nuclear tough knife dept.
Sooo, when is that Busse folder coming out?:D
Jerry, so do I understand that this is like the Ohio lottery where each ticket is $50,000 and if you win you get half your money back? :confused:

Now that we've all had some fun, let me make one thing perfectly clear to all of you. If you go to college long enough, you can get educated beyond your intelligence. I'm proof!:p
Jerry, I somehow thought you were a fellow "little guy" How will you fit in a porche or lexus well enough to warrant a desire for one? Oh nevermind I forgot JENIFER would get it anyhow.... :D