Scales for the Eklipse and 24

Blade Runner 7

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Oct 26, 2010
I did a search before posting this but couldn't find anything. Sorry if it's been answered before. Are we going to see scales available for the Eklipse? I'd really like to change out the color and I don't want to go aftermarket.

I'd also like to add to that question with a request. Can we get some more options for the XM24 scales? I really want a blue one to match my 3.5" and 3". I'd love to have an Eklipse in blue as well.

Was the Eklipse a small run? Are there going to be more made? I was just thinking that's why scales aren't available.

Thanks everyone.
An e-mail to Rob could provide some answers on what has been created in past, but none of us know exactly what the future may bring.
I too would love to see some scale options for the Eklipse. I love mine and want to jazz it up some. Great knife