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"Scar" to death

Oct 16, 1998

Let do that Jaws's scene again !

How many scars do you got from real fights ?

As far as I am concern, one on the arme, the brow, two on the chest, one on the leg and lost my left eye. ;(
But I still standing, like ol' Long Silver !

Also I have lost four friends and my girlfriend stabbed to death...

Who want to talk about "tactical" now ?

Please don't dream about fights and "tactical" things.

The only tactical item I feel should be shoes, to run away...



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My deep condolence. I posted "knife implementation" the other day to dedicate to the people that you've mentioned in your post. I too had a dear friend who nearly died of stab wounds. I'm 80% know how you must have feel. Tactical or not, it's just a word to sell products. My thoughts to those alive and not...
I'm a little young yet to be getting scars from fights, my fights are more of the give your brother a bloody nose variety, nothing serious. After I become a SEAL though, I'll let you know.
I'm sorry you lost your friends that way. Fortunately I have yet to lose a loved one to violence, althoough nowadays it seems increasingly likely. I still feel for your loss, that must have been hard.

Just because I talk to myself doesn't mean I'm crazy. What's wrong with getting a second opinion?

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There are folks on these forums who have similar experiences and losses to varying degrees. Talking about ain't necessarily a bad thing. However, "fantasizing" or talking about "seeking real experiences" are in my opinion macabre and/or immature. If and when the the sh^t hits the fan, and one's there then one has the (mis)fortune of learning (or dying) from it.

Then there is also the small but significant segment of this BF community who are interested in knives for "self-defense" or as Sal puts it, a "martial blade craft" orientation. It's a reality. But, hopefully, this segment can continue to discuss their interest with some sense of responsibility and realism.

my .02...


-crushed trachea
-broken sternum
-reduced functionality in left hand
-bad left knee, it works but is messed up
-stab wound to right kidney
-stab wound in left shoulder
-two scars on chin from fists w/rings on
-two permanent lumps on left side of head from impact weapon
-one such lump on forhead
-another at base of skull
-little nicks and cuts on left hand from parrying/passing
-shot in butt by .22
-stab wound in groin(missed the testiculos y la serpenta de los pantalones thank heavens)

The most disheartening loss of a friend was this little 6 year old boy who used to live next door who got shot in the head at point blank range because some guy was trying to buy drugs from the local dealer, "Taco", but didn't have any money and wanted to trade a gun instead.

Taco said no, and that the gun probably didn't work anyway, to which the guy said something like "you wanna bet" and turned around and shot my young friend in the head.

I should note this all happened next to the sandbox in the playground.

Everyone, including the drug dealer, jumped on the shooter and brought him to the ground.

The cops arrested him and he musta gotten bail because he was walking around the neighborhood in a couple days. I don't know what ultimately happened to him.

My Mother was also going to mary this guy when I was around 7, but he got shot and killed when my Mom, my Stepfather-to-be, and his young son went to his office to get some paperwork the day before the wedding and met up with an intoxicated buisness partner who was armed with a gun and threatening to kill all three members of my family who were present. My would-be Stepfather died in a shoot out protecting my Mother and his son.

I wasn't there, I was picked up at school by my Grandfather and had been at his house all day. No one heard about what had happened or even seen my Mother till the next afternoon. The freaky part is even though I had no way to know what had happened, I dreamt of what happened, accurate down to the last detail that night.

These are the two cases that really stick out in my mind. I never knew my real biological father, and this guy was the only person my Mother was ever with who treated me right. Though I was twice as old as the little kid, he was like my little brother.

Anyway, you have no reason to believe any of this at all, because none of you know me from Adam, but I wouldn't tell you wrong.

I don't agree with the "run away" philosophy. There is nowhere I can run that my attacker cannot follow, and I'd rather die giving as good as I get than by getting shot in the back.

It is a very sad and unfortunate aspect of life that we lose our friends and loved ones to violence. It is hard enough to watch them leave us due to more natural causes.

As to people fantasizing about actually getting into fights, I've known a few. After their first taste, they didn't fantasize any longer.

Personally and fortunately, my last fight was when I was very young and the worst thing I got was a black eye. Even when I worked as a bouncer I didn't have to throw one punch. I moved a few people but most of the problems were solved by talking the idiots out of what they were trying to do. I actually was fired because the owner thought I was afraid. Actually, I was. When I was working, the bar was never disrupted and people had a good time.

In that split second when you are sizing up the situation, if I see that running is the best option, I run. My father taught me there is ALWAYS someone badder than you out there and you don't know if the guy your facing today is the one. I fight as a last resort.
That's true.

My question though was only about knives (blades) scars...

Guns are just another remote control.
Even a chimp can shot.
I hate guns, and they know it. ;-)

18 interventions (6 longer than 6 hours), in total 12 monthes in Hospital

I hate guns.



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Fortunately, none of the scars I have are from fights, and certainly none from knives or guns. All my scars could be termed "self-inflicted" (not intentionally, of course; just stupid). None of my fights ended up scarring. The only time that was close was a brawl in an elevator in the college dormitory at about 1am. We were both drunk, and he gave me a nice pounding. But, I was still standing afterward, and (stupidly) looking for more. Plenty of cuts from the guy's ring; you could have almost picked him out just by the marks left behind by the ring. Man, my face did hurt for the next couple of days, and I got a lot of grief from classmates (even a couple of instructors).

I never claimed to be smart or good

Work hard, play hard, live long.

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I sometimes read too much into a question. So I'll try again.

No scars. Although, at one time I thought a "classic" dueling scar would be cool.
I have no scars from knife fights. I try to steer clear of trouble if at all possible. The only time I was faced by an antagonist with a knife I was lucky enough to have a legal pistol at arms reach ( a S&W 29 I`d been hunting with earlier). Brandishing the pistol and making it clear that I`d use it if necessary defused the situation with no bloodshed. I love guns.
Worst scar I have goes across most of my right forearm. Lesson 1 - don't chase a cat with a dustbuster. Lesson 2 - if you do, don't try to "make up."

In short, I'm a big wuss. I like to think I know a thing or two about making knives, but I really don't know a thing about this aspect of their use (for which I should be thankful). Thanks sincerely for reminding me of that, Nemo - I sometimes speak out-of-turn.

Do you suppose you could post this every month?

-Drew Gleason
Little Bear Knives
And then each night mother would kill us and dance about on our graves, singin' Hallelujah...but we were grateful for what we had!

Good grief. Seems like once or twice a week there's yet another post along the lines of, "there's a lot of 'tactical' folks out there who are full of sheep dip, but I am Rambo incarnate (though of course I am also unfailingly modest about it and usually reluctant to speak of such weighty, grisly matters), so all of you should be quiet and defer to my quiet mastery of the deadly killer ninja arts, even though I have not explicity stated my mastery of same."

I mean, yeesh. Let's all try to keep posts of that type to maybe one a month, 'kay? All right. I'm off to the store to pick up my Frost Cutlery Rambotron XP38 Survival Bandsaw with Laser Sight and Pocket Clip.



AKTI #A000845
And tomorrow when you wake up it will be worse.

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Look, if you want a knife with a lasar sight, at least get a good one: <a href="http://www.microtec.net/~jjobin/"><img alt="wacko knife" src="http://www.microtec.net/~jjobin/images/pegas.jpg"></a>
Aaron(because every thread needs a wacko knife picture)

Don't forget to pay your taxes...they eventually become my knives

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If you want to talk about blood and guts, feel free to e-mail me. The only reason I try not to do so here is because I've gotten the impression that it's not desired.

I ain't Rambo, and laser sights are for a joker who can't even aim, but I've been in a few scraps.

I'm not making anything up, unlike, I suspect, a certain someone on another forum, so I've got nothing to hide.

Thing is, when I first came to this forum, I didn't really want to say anything, since if it's not documentable or independently verifiable it's of little worth, and you start saying things and people will think you're making it up. As time has wore on, I've felt that it was maybe prudent to share some "war stories", for what they're worth. That or lack of better judgement has loosened my tongue, as in this thread.

But If you want blood, you got it...

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The picture here is a knife from Jacques Jobin.

A knifemaker who never carries a knife and a former bodyguard from the canadian prime minister.

A excellent friend from Fred perrin and a real gentleman who speak many languages...

So, perharps he could understand what "Razoredge" meant in his personnal slang...
Please Razoredge try to be more explicit instead to use local references... this an international forum after all...

Et si tu veux que j'te cause comme ici, tu vas rien piger, mon 'tiot bonhomme.

The knife pictured is a fantazy knife not a wacko knife. Jaxques does knife for the pleasure. Also he knows how to do knives as tool. He doesn't mix both like so many "self called masters" who live only by their cheeleaders gonads.

Jacques pardonne leur, ils ne savent pas ce qu'ils font !



[This message has been edited by Nemo (edited 12 August 1999).]

What do you find so objectionable about Thaddeus's posts? To many, including myself, he is a source of great information, ever since the days of the first Benchmade website.

Nemo, et mes amis, le cadeau de Jacques Jobin est soulement parce-que J'ai lit 'lasar', et dans une autre browser, je le regardais.
Aaron(pardon my poor French, but I don't get to use it too often)
ps I really like his more mainstream designs, they do a great job of blending utility and beauty, but some of his fantesy designs are a few stdev's off

Don't forget to pay your taxes...they eventually become my knives:)