Schott's Wharncliffe (sp?) fighter

His blades are made of CPM 3V and are just a hair under 3/16" says it's .175, but he claims that it is tougher than most 1/4" blades cause of the toughness!

I recently had to withdraw an order with him on one, money stuff! But will be squirreling away some for a future purchase, I love the Wharncliff pattern, really gets the point across!

I'm sure that Edward will respond to this, the one on his web page was made of O1 which he has since changed over to the CPM metals.


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It is just under 3/16". I think cliff has been trying out one of his blades, so it should be interesting to get his impressions too.
I've got a 13" blade camp knife on my website made from the same thickness 3V that Ed did the heat treating on it for me. It held up to some pretty heavy duty chopping before I sent it to the customer without having to touch up the edge at all.

I have a test piece Ed made in 3V and can tell you 3v is some great stuff! You can't go wrong IMHO.


Tom Carey