Schrade 49er knives damaged by PVC blade sleeve.


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Nov 22, 2019
I just purchased 3 different new in box Schrade 49er knives (498L,498S,and a 497S) from two separate sellers. Each knife blade had a PVC sleeve which had turned to a slimy oily goo that miserably and permanently stained what was once a pristine surface, black. What I thought were going to be collectible 49er examples had become working pieces.
Now I don't mind having 3 new working knives but I would caution anyone who has stored their 49er knives away in the original packaging to check for any damage and also to remove these sleeves ASAP.

As a sub note... back in the sixties and seventies many very hi grade and valuable coins were housed in PVC "flips". Thousands of these coins became unsalable and an untold amount of money was lost when the PVC degraded into this same slimy goo. It permanently ruined the coin surfaces and consequently the collectibility , desirability and value of entire collections.
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