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Schrade 515SC with Green Delrin handles???

Nov 10, 2006
Hello all,

I usually just read all the posts and learn from you Schradeaholics. What do you guys think of this Schrade 515SC? Have only been able to find this model as a scrimshaw in the sticky. I have seen some of the SC's with plain handles but never saw a SC with green delrin handles. Thanks in advance for your help

I like those green Delrin and brass knives! As you mentionned, the blades with the "SC" prefix or suffix were intended for use with ivory Delrin covers in the Schrade Scrimshaw series. Sometimes overruns were released with advertising stamped on them, or as short run SFO's for someone wanting something to commemorate something obscure to most of us. The covers, pins, and bolsters were components of the "OTG" lockbacks, and no doubt you have seen those, both with and without the "bladelifter" studs.

When ISC was shutting down (a process of almost three months), under direction of trustees appointed by the bank, remaining employees operated under the order "if it fits...assemble it", in order to increase the number of finished knives in the WIP for the sale, and reduce the number of semi-finished components. Possibly this is one of those "last of days" knives as we refer to them. It is still a nice appearing knife.

Thanks Michael. So I quess this is a 515 but with a 515SC blade? I don't remember seeing a 515 listed anywhere other than with the Scrimshaws.
Is it the same as the 50T?
Thanks Michael. I quess there are no records on how many of the last order knives were made. Does this make the knife more collectable or just an oddball. Regardless it is staying in my collection. Still need to get a regulation50T though.

Thanks Again.