Schrade ripping off the ZT0400?

Dec 3, 2010
Saw this at a local knife shop yesterday, had to snag a pic. So now Schrade (Taylor Brands) is ripping off ZT designs, it looks like.

slightly old news. Not much was said when it was first discovered. Its hard to deny the similarities. Knowing schrade I doubt they got permission to use the design but at the very least it might not be worth KAI pursuing considering the model is discontinued. Im not sure what the law is for knives but I know with art as long as it is changed 20% you can call it your own even if its obviously inspired. The knife is NO DOUBT a 0400 rip off but the changes to the handle aesthetics and the slight change to the blade grind towards the tip might just be enough for schrade. There is no doubt though that this walks a very thin line. Another thing to consider is schrade may not have known. Many times companies find an overseas factory and dont submit their own designs. They will ask the company to see a catalog of what they make that they can apply their name to. Schrade is very generic these days and I doubt they have much input in the design and may just pick from what the company offers them. Ignorance does not dismiss someone from wrong doing and they should have discontinued production as soon as it was brought to their attention.
It's been around for a while. At least 8-10 months, maybe more. A real 0400 can cut that piece of crap in 2 I'd bet. ;)
This is the first I've heard of it despite it being old news. Either way, this is disgusting. There was a time when Schrade was a good company, but not anymore.
Schrade, don't know what happened since being sold but they copied the hollow handled CRK knife too.
Yep, they knocked off Chris Reeves as well as the Boker Orca. Not that Boker hasn't ever blatantly stolen someone else's designs.
I so desperately want a 0400, I'm sure the Schrade craptastic ripoff knife would be worthwhile investment 'ugh' NOT