Schrade USA LB-1 Spring issue

Dec 28, 2009
I just recently purchased a mini lockback knife made by Schrade in the USA. The knife has seen little use but the spring to lock the blade does not work. I have owned many slipjoint knives through the years and never had an issue with the blade "walk and talk". This I believe is because all of them have a single spring to do all the work.
As I was cleaning this knife, I noticed that the lockback on this particular knife has two springs and the one that is attached to the rear bolster is not putting enough pressure on the other spring on the backbone of the knife. It does not appear that either spring is broken but maybe the bolster spring has lost its temper?
I know that Schrade in New York is out of business, so is there anyone who could repair this knife or give me some sage advise on how I could attempt the repair. I am very mechanical but don't know where to begin. This knife is a little gem and I would like to get it back in working order. Any information would be appreciated!

Try asking Dale Vincent, his user name here is orvet. I know he works on larger LB model knives, he may be able to help you out with this one as well.