Schrade Walden 204/TL-29

Apr 19, 2005
I am sorry to bother eveyone and make a thread of this, but....

If I took this away from someone here on the I am sorry, I won't be needing another. When this came in the mail today, I felt like running outside and singing the Star of Spangle Banner to the world. I have another not quite as good that I will edc carry, this one will go to the last man of my work era, that I helped hire and I supervised, who could survey and blade a gravel road within a gnats eyebrow, when he retires on Jan. 1. His nickname will be on the shield and he will have a custom leather belt sheath. So to anyone here who was bidding, thanks for letting this happen and Bless you.
300 Bucks......Dang I like these old ones....

Schrade Walden TL-29 form, SW model number 204

Zoinks! That's a beauty. Your buddy will be a very happy man.

I haven't mentioned it yet, but I recently bought this one ...



... on a popular online auction site. It's sitting in Florida, and my mom will deliver it to me in a couple weeks when she comes over to spoil my kids rotten. It's a Pal Cutlery, and my first ever TL-29. I can't wait. :)