Schrade Walden 799? Is that a 2-1/4" lobster? Does anyone have a 799 pic?

Oct 7, 2017
I went digging through the price lists and catalogs trying to find a Schrade Walden model number for a 2-1/4" lobster knife. One possible contender might be the 799 listed in the 1950 price-list at the expensive price of $54 per dozen. Then again, maybe the 799 is a bigger automatic and that's why it's up there in price. I have no idea.

I haven't been able to find any examples of a Schrade Walden 799. Does anyone have a pic or an example to share?

I don't think the small 2-1/4" lobsters are listed on any Schrade Walden price-lists but there are a few model numbers listed that I can't picture. Although small, I think they would have to be one of the pricier knives when done in MOP or sterling.