Scimitar Statements/Questions

Aug 31, 2000
I purchased a Scimitar(plain edge) about 6 months ago and I would have to say that I am overall very happy with this knife.
It has an excellant feeling handle with good clip placement. I love the pommel sticking out of the pocket. This allows for a positive grip when withdrawing from the pocket.
The blade is sharp (very sharp) right out of the box. It has a wicked looking upswept curve to it with a nice satin finish.
The snap of the blade at lockup is exceptional. Music to my ears.

Now the questions...
There was a very noticeable side to side wiggle present between the blade and handle. Is this normal??
If not, can I tighten the the allen screw/pivet to remove this play?
Is this screw metric or standard (SAE)? What size?
Is the pivot screw Loctited into place?

Thanks for your help.

--The Raptor--

Don't be worried about the one that you can see,be worried about the one that you cannot!!

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I thought that I would re-post this thread since I never got a chance to hear from Steve @ CS.
Hopefully someone out there has an idea/opinion.
Thanks in advance.

--The Raptor--

YIKES! The two Cold Steel Folders that I own (Ex-Large Gunsite, and El Hombre) both have NO side to side play AT ALL, and lock-up VERY tightly.

It sounds like you DO have a loose pivot screw. I can't help you with the size, or type of screw-head, but if you have a Sears Store nearby, you might take your knife with you to find the correct driver to fit, in order to tighten it up a little.

If the pivot screw isn't "locktighted" in place, it might be a good idea to do so...But remember that a little bit goes a long way...

Dann Fassnacht
Aberdeen, WA
ICQ# 53675663 can go to the CS website and see one...the link is under the CS forum link...

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Thanks for the info about your knives. I had a feeling that this was not right. Even though this is the first CS folder that I own, I expected the same quality as their fixed blades. I will tighten the pivot as suggested.
Thanks again.

--The Raptor--