Score one for the tanto's utility applications

Jan 24, 1999
Straight from Dr. Hoods mind in my words.

The point of a tanto tip can be choked up on so that the end may be used as a smaller blade--something that is hard to do with a rounded tip.

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If you grip the spine of the blade with the off hand, you can use the flat side of a tanto tip like a chisel.

I'm still a round belly guy though.
I like using the tanto edge for scoring, marking a straight line. I even use it on my leather work to cut a straight piece.

I daily carry a Cetan tanto (#1!) and it is used every single day around the farm. The whole design is completely can cut without slicing in tight areas by just pressing the tip front edge against the material.

My first real use upon receipt (after the obligatory kitchen duty of course) was in clean marine rockfish...these guys have wicked fin spines...the technique mentioned above cuts through them like butter, unlike the standard filet knife.

My dad is a leather worker as well. He used to make saddles, holsters, knife sheaths, etc....
He quit for a while but is now back into it over in good old SevereVille, TN (check spelling)
Maybe y'all could share trade secrets if you like. His e-mail is: ""

God bless!

Romans 10:9-10

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William ... he's probably just as good as I am or better!

Seveirville, TN...been there once to see Smoky Mountain Knife Works! Two months after it opened, the newer one of course. If he likes knives like we do, bet he goes in there alot
I have to check it out again sometime, too!

The only thing, Smoky Mountaing Knife Works doesn't carry the more expensive tactical type knives, or at least when I was there they didn't! But it is a neat place to go if you are into knives.

It's over welming, that's for sure!


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I don't understand why you think that's harder to do with a blade with a belly. I do it all the time, and I haven't noticed it's any easier with an American tanto than with any other blade style.

-Cougar Allen :{)