Scramasax And Norse Knives

Dec 27, 2000
Hello ,

Does anyone know of any Knifemakers who specialize in building Historical replicas of Scramasax's or Viking fighting knives?



I'd recommend Jonathen Loose. Here's an example of his work:


He lives in Moretown VT, only about 2 1/2 hrs Northeast of Albany. Check out his website for more pics and contact info.


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I think Kirby Wise could hook you up nicely. I don't have his address, but if you search in the sword forum, he shouldn't be too hard to find.

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That Scramasax at CASI 's site looks like it is modeled on the one in the Metropolitan Musuems collection. That one is pictured in Harold Peterson's book on knives and daggers of the Western world. Has to be the most famous and often photographed 'sax around!
Hailsa Wolf,

Wulf brought your interest in a Sax to my attention. I have yet to make one, but am currently commissioned to make a composite pattern welded billet for a sax that the customer wishes to finish out. It is a double twist chevron with a hard steel edge and about 20" in length. I was going to complete a smaller one to sell, so if you like I can send you a picture when it is done. I can likely offer you a competitive price on a commissioned piece.

I am specializing in pattern welded damascus very much inspired by Norse and Germanic styles.

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