Scrapper 6??


Nov 7, 2005
Anyone have a few pics of the scrapper 6 they could shoot my way? I need some help in deciding whether to buy. How does this knife compare to the SR line and Busse? This looks pretty similar to the Camp Tramp--not sure what the difference is. Thanks everyone
I don't have a Scrapper 6 or a Camp Tramp but I'll tell you what I know.

Compared to the Camp Tramp, it's a shorter blade, made with SR-77 steel instead of SR-101.

The handle is the same as the Camp Tramp. The blade of the Scrapper 6 is made from thicker stock.

I have a Swamp Rat M6 which has a blade profile similar to the Scrapper 6 but the handle is a full tang design with Micarta scales.

I know I prefer the Resiprene-C handle (I have a battle guard). It fits my hand better than the M6 and it makes for a much lighter knife.

I don't know which Busse you could compare to the Scrapper 6. It's close to the size of my Mini EU-17 (which I like a lot better than my M6), but without a Resiprene-C handle there is no comparison.

After I got my Battle Guard, I didn't really want a Camp Tramp any more. The Battle Guard is a larger knife and I don't see how a smaller knife would have a real advantage because the Camp Tramp is still pretty big. I think the Scrapper 6 is a good medium sized blade. It is a lot more knife than a Howling Rat without being really huge.

I have a few knives in that medium size range so the Scrapper 6 isn't at the top of my shopping list but I think I will get one eventually. It looks like a nice knife.
I don't have a Camp Tramp either, but I do have a Scrapper 6 LE and a Hell Razor.
My housemate has a Steel Heart Ergonmic, a Muddy Rat Weiler, an M6 and a Skeleton Key, so I have taken some comparative shots of those.

From the top of the photo:
Busse Hell Razor
Busse Steel Heart Ergonomic
Scrapyard Scrapper 6 LE
Swamp Rat M6
Swamp Rat Muddy 'Weiler
Busse Skeleton Key

Click for a full size image

For more comparative shots from the other side and the top:

For some shots of just the Scrapp 6 LE (and home made leather pants):

Be aware that I have buffed my Scrapper 6 LE a bit so it is probably a bit more polished than a factory fresh one.

I have been really happy with the Scrapper's ability to get sharp.
I haven't given it real extensive chopping tests, but I hacked half way through a 3"x3" or so lump of pine and it still shaved and sliced/shredded paper afterwards.
Great knife, exceptional value!
If there are LE's left, buy one. ;) The ZT edge is awesome.

If you already have (had) the M6 and CT, then you already know all you can about the CG S6 short of handling one. The blade shape of the M6 and S6 are not just simliar, they are identical. The Res-c grip on the S6 is the same one you'll remember on your Camp Tramp.

A comp photo of mine...