Mar 1, 2000
Always before, when I purchased a new pocket knife with those shiny bolsters which I KNEW would just kill me to scratch, I would put the knife in my pocket with a handful of dimes and quarters. That wonderful dull silver patina would be rushed and the lightly scratched bolsters would actually begin to look good!
What would be wrong with doing the same thing with my new Sebenza? Wouldn't that same patina develop on the titanium scales? Opinions please??


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I don't know about patina, that is some type of light corrosion I believe. I don't think that same situation affects Titanium. But once a sebenza gets nice and scratchy I think it not only takes the apprehension out of using it but also gives it character.

You can send them back to CRK for refurbish, but then you have the same problem all over again.

Its going to happen no matter what, take each scratch with pride
and remember your knife earned each one of them

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The idea of letting my pocket knife rattle around with loose change gives me hives. I guess I'm a segregationist; my right front pocket is for a knife only.



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I'm with Razoredj on this one. My right front pocket is knife only usually. If I do have to put stuff in there I try to make sure it's something that won't scratch up my knife. The main reason that I wouldn't carry my Sebenza (or a bunch of other modern folders) with coins is because of the open back design. It seems like it would be really easy to get a coin wedged between the edge and handle slab.

It will get scratched up a little eventually anyway though. They do tend to blend in with each other after a while which is better than that first scratch. I particularly like the way the edges of my small Sebenza handle have been polished just a little from constantly being removed and replaced in its Gary Graley sheath.

All of this is my take on it of course. If you want to carry it around with some coins then go for it!

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