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Review Screwpop Tools Warranty - Unbelievable

Discussion in 'Multi-tools & Multi-purpose Knives' started by jacktrades_nbk, Apr 4, 2018.

  1. jacktrades_nbk


    Feb 7, 2007
    I first bought a black Screwdriver round bottle opener, with the round ball in the bit, (around 2012) not magnetic as they are made now. Strong, dependable, I still like it, and still does its job. Don’t carry it anymore as my EDC though. Maybe in a bag, but at my keys, I go much lighter than years before.


    Before the half of the last year, I bought a lighter holder, still Screwpop, while I was trying to quit smoking. Yeah, I know…But hey, I did eventually, but the lighter holder still makes part of my EDC.


    Before I added it to my EDC, I got that is kind of too big for my keys, so I just attached it to my pants, on the right side, with keys in my left pocket, attached with a clip to the side.
    That attach thing from the lighter holder became my favorite aspect of the thing.
    I always carried it after realizing that, and used it a few times, as offering fire to people who wanted to light their cigarettes, offering as a present the lighter to my brother in law when his lighter finished the fluid, and so on.
    Never left my pants.
    But as I know a few idiots, who might have removed the spring from my lighter holder, when it wasn’t under my eyes, and left it without, I wrote to Screwpop to ask if they make replacements to buy, or should I just buy another one.
    They said to buy another one from them, and they will send me two, and a flashlight.

    Today, the package arrived, and it had two lighter holders, a flashlight, plus a big surprise, which made me smile all day long. There was also a Screwpop Ron’s Utility Knife 3.0 present in the envelope. Nice.




    I compared the flashlight with a similar sized one, Fenix E01/E05, and the batteries are all that matter here. If the Screwpop flashlight would work with a AAA, with slight adjustments to the body, it would make it a winner, as it is much easier to replace it, as the triple A are everywhere to find.


    Fenix E01


    Screwpop Flashlight


    Left Screwpop, Right Fenix


    The knife, actually de 3.0 version, with the magnet in the back, not letting the blockage lever to move higher, is a very nice EDC item, not letting you without a knife, in a very slim package.
    It will go in a wallet, it will go on the keys, even if the magnet will attract other stuff there, or it can be simply attached to a carabiner, for pants attachment.

    I like it a lot, but just for thoughts, a clip like other tools have, like the lighter holder, would make it attachable easily.
    That would be a version 4, yet, I still like the slimness of it as it is, or maybe just a spring added for sale as an extra, such as a Screwpop carabiner :D, for attaching things together.
    But really that is my problem, as the thing is good as it is.
    Anyway, with its slim construction, it can be the knife to save a life, being small and everything, allowed to fly with, without the blade.

    I got mine for free, with gratitude to Screwpop, along with a flashlight and another lighter holder, but to those prices these things have, they are worth at least to be tried.

    Last edited: Apr 4, 2018
  2. Steely_Gunz

    Steely_Gunz Got the Khukuri fevah Moderator

    May 9, 2002
    That's great CS. It inspired me to order the utility knife. Thanks!
    jacktrades_nbk and Rupestris like this.
  3. jacktrades_nbk


    Feb 7, 2007
    Yeah, the utility knife, 3.0, it's great to have around. You made a great choice, and yes, their warranty is something else.
    Practically the knife is two accurate tips in one small package. Turn the blade around, and have another sharp tip. Great for splinters if necessary, an unbreakable small carry and use handle for cutter blades, with two or four notches.
    Carry it empty and it's legal, go to a hardware store and you got a new blade just like that. Short blade, but hey.
    Otherwise, it's great to open boxes or cutting plastic around bottles in stores.
    A bit of mineral oil if needed, around the pivot, and it works as perfection.

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