Mar 23, 2000
Ok Guys,

In a previous thread, I mentioned that the Sculptura is now shipping and that the production model was a translucent greenish color.

Well, though this isn't the best picture, it will let you know really closely about the color:

This is a on it for a larger image.

If my monitor is right, the production color is slightly darker than this picture.
Looks like a sweet little knife! Give the designer an extra Scooby-Snack!
Very nice! Looks like I have a new work knife.:D
The liberals I work for are knife paranoids.
They have put a 2" blade limit on folders coming into their building and even set up a metal detector to help keep those evil, ill intent 2 1/4"-4" bladed folders out in the cold. :(
Hi Ron. I was curious, do you think you'll ever make an all steel version of the Sculptura?
Hi Draxil, all steel version is not likely. What is likely, are varying colors. It is possible that we may may add a color or two. Also, we may do a special color for a dealer to sell.

We'll just have to see. :)