Seal knife 2000

Dec 25, 1999
I'm looking for a nice bowie to carry back packing with me. For the price and quality it seems like the seal knife 2000 is the best buy. Has anyone heard bad or good things about it. Also any suggestions on any other factory made knives that would do the grunt work of being in the brush. Thanks.
My jet may be ugly but it's well hung.
The Sealknife 2000 is a good fixed blade when near or on the water, but there are better knives out there if you don't really need to worry about corrosion. In the 2000's size range, I like the Fallkniven A1 the best (and it still resists rusts pretty well). Cold Steel recon scout or even the SRK should also work well. When I backpack, I usually opt to bring along a smaller fixed blade and a kukuri or machete if I expect to harvest my own fire wood. Try doing a search in the general forums, the 2000 as well as many of its "competitors" have been well discussed there. Felix
T.O.P.s knives look pretty good overall to me. Check out there CAT models. Besides that they are made in the good old USA
For the money, I think a SOG 2K is a good buy. There are a few things to say though:
The guard is non existant...I gave my brother who is a hunting nut a SEAL 2K and he loves it, but the guard doesn't protect the fingers like a guard is made to do.
He has had a few "accidents" because of this.

The heat treat, IMO, is excellent. It is 440A steel but the Seki ht is well done. And the steel, being .25 thick, is strong enough to handle most you can dish out...

The sheath is very well made. A good sheath is a must and the kydex sheath that comes with the SEAL 2K is a perfect example of a "great" sheath.

The handle is well made but lacks comfort. The handle is square, which makes chopping uncomfortable. The handle is, however, almost indestructible...

That's about all I have to say. Overall, there are better knives but for the money ($90.oo) this is a good choice, IMO.
I would say to try Fallkniven. It is a better steel. It is ATS-34 or VG-10 which is way better than 440A. The handle is more comfortable and the tang goes all the way to the end of the handle. They now even have kydex sheath. The price is pretty close too.


If I were you I would check out Busse Basics. When I go backpacking I usually take my MD pygmy atak and it is usually overkill for most of the things that I need a knife for. I just like taking it for fun though. What do you expect to use a larger knife like that for?
This sounds horrible, but I have an SK 2000 that is only collecting dust. Still has the packaging, the original Nylon sheath, and hasn't been used yet. Seriously, I got it, then never had a chance to "employ" it.
Selling it Tobi? How come oyu never used it?

And yes, The Seal 2000 is a decent water knife I found out...