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seal pup questions

Jan 1, 2001
I've been considering a seal pup as a general outdoor/utility knife, but can't find any "real world" info on them. Compared to the alternatives, how tough is this knife,especially at the tip?(it looks pretty thin) Any opinions would be greatly appreciated
Hi JB,

The SEAL Pup is a great knife. I've talked with a gentleman from one of the SEAL Teams who does their buying for their group. He says the guys are really enjoying these in the field and are finding them very durable.

The SEAL Pup (as is the case with most SOG knives) feature reinforced tips. The grinds meet at the tip making a thick ridge all the way to the point. We have seen very, very few broken tips on these knives. I don't think there'll be a concern here for you.

Any other Pup owners can chime in with their experiences.

If there is anything else I can answer for you, please let me know.
Hey Guys..

Unfortunately I don't own any SOGs other than a Switch Plier..(Cool little plier),,but I've sheathed a dozen or so..Mostly all Pups and a couple of Seal 2000's...

The pup seems to be a more popular blade...

Everytime one crosses my bench, I think, I should be getting one of these.. There are a very nice blade, stout and Very well made...

The last two I did looked like they've been to hell and back and both were scary sharp.

Ron you'll be pleased to know that one has been deployed to the Middle East on a peace keeping tour, with what I think was a Patriot Missle group...Something to that effect Anyway...
Kinda cool knowing our gear is over there serving some brave young lad... :)

If ya are hesitating on the Seal Pup,,you won't be sorry with the purchase...


An absolutely wonderful knife for the price. I used the sealpup as my general backpacking knife for several years. And though I acquired more expensive fixed blades in more recent years (including customs), the sealpup continues to be one of my favorite general use knives. I was originally a little worried about the edge holding capability of the 440A steel, but the heat treatment of the steel apparently is very good, and as a result, I've been more than satisfied with it. These days, I continue to use my sealpup regularly whenever I know I will be around water or near the ocean (very corrosion resistant). Again, a great knife at a great price.