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sealing stag ?

May 24, 2000
I recently bought a Hrisoulas Riflemans bowie on the forums . The stag handle was beutiful , but auckward. I have shaped it some so that it is comfortable now , and was wondering about sealing the stag . What do I use , and how do I do it ?
I would use tong oil. You can use linseed oil, but it gives everything a light yellow cast. It's easy to use. give it a heavy coat wait 15 min.(let it soak in) then wipe off everything that you can. Then let it dry about a day. (I put the blade under the books in my shelf with the handle sticking out) It's best to recoat every year or so, or after a hunting trip.
Super Glue will do the trick as well, though I think the tung oil is likely the better longterm solution. Haven't had one of the super glue finishes around long enough to say much about it's longevity. Terry