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Sean Perkins Kerver

Mar 20, 1999
I received my Kerver today and was more than pleased with this knife. One compliment right off the bat is that the knife is EXACTLY what you think you are getting. This knife is 4" overall with a 2" blade made out of 1/4" A-2. I also got the full patina which is a form of blueing that Sean does to his knives.

When I ordered the knife I was worried about the 2" handle being difficult to grip. The first time I held the knife that fear was gone, and I really attribute it to the extra thick stock(could be wrong).

While the blade is only 2" it truly speaks for itself. From the 1/4" stock you get a wonderful blade shape that guarantees to holdup against any task, I would even venture to say that a large amount of prying(god forbid) would not begin to damage this knife. I was thrilled that the blade came razor sharp from Sean. This is the first knife that I have cut myself on just from the new knife "how sharp is it" feel

Another member tried to describe this look but said that you just have to see it. Well, he is right. The shades of blue and grey that are caused from the blueing are remarkable. Holding it at different angles cause the knife to actually seem to be different shades. You really do need to see it for yourself.

The knife comes with a pocket sheath and I also ordered a belt sheath for an additional $10.00. These are great, they will most certainly hold up just as long as the knife itself. Extremely thick double black leather. Each knife is fitted with its own sheath to get that perfect fit, and it is a perfect fit.

I am being totally honest when I say that you cant get a better small fixed blade knife for everyday carry. The 4" size makes it easy to carry and keeps a low profile. If you decide to get one I hope you are as happy as I am

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