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Search Feature Problems

Oct 3, 1998
Uh, Mike and Spark,

I did a search on Pinnacle. It brought up 163 different threads. Sound like a lot? If someone (like Marion David Poff) uses the name of the knife you are searching for information on, in their signature, it shows up on the search. It is very time consuming to read through a long thread to find no information on the knife you are researching. Any way to correct this? Marion, Please, change your signature file. Although with the amount of your posts, it may be too late.


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In this case, I'd try narrowing your search parameters a bit, by adding other terms to it.

Also, in Netscape Navigator there is a feature called "Find in Page" where you can enter your search term and rapidly find all of the instances where it is on the webpage you are looking at. Open each link in a new window, use the Find in Page feature and go to town.

Anyhow, I'm just happy that the search feature is working at all, just yesterday it wasn't, but now that we have a high powered server, we're back in business.


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MSIE has the same "find on page" feature. Click EDIT/FIND or simply hit Ctrl+F.