Search problem

Jan 13, 1999
I noticed that to do a search, a minium of letters are required. This makes searching for terms like L6, W2, O1 impossible. Is there a way around this?
Nope, sorry. If we reduce the number of letters required, we wind up with people searching for "at" and "a" and "the" and that bogs down the server

Use your favorite search engine instead of the internal search feature -- I like webferret, but suit yourself. Use the search terms bladeforums and O1 and you will find web pages with both those words in them ... I got 41 hits in a few seconds. Several of them are not at -- that's unusual -- but they include the word bladeforums, so they're probably worth looking at.

I got in the habit of using webferret to search bladeforums when we were still using UBB and the search function was unreliable as well as limited. Even with the new software it's still somewhat limited; it can't handle boolean logic -- other search engines can.
Thanks Cougar, that may be what I'll have to do.

I remember the old forums can do such searches. But I trust Spark knows whats going on. Too bad though, those terms are kinda important.