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Jan 24, 1999
Lately, I have been unable to make the Search feature work for me. I have tried it on about 5 different occasions in the past few days and every time it has said something like Server Error. Anyone else been having these problems? Am I doing something wrong?

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Apparently BF has grown too big for the server. See Spark's explanation in Tech Support.

In the future, please take questions like these to the Tech Support Forum where they will be answered in a timely fashion. You may find the answer you are looking for by scrolling back a few days.

This issue has been answered there quite a few times recently. has gotten too big, too fast for the current server we are on with our ISP. In case you are wondering, it's an old P90 with not much RAM. As a result, the CPU intensive tasks like Searching and Editing messages (which both involve a lot of back end work) have been inop during peak hours.

We will be taking delivery of a new server this week which will hopefully eliminate this problem completely. I figure if a dedicated 300mhz PII with 256 RAM can't handle it, we're going to be way out of league by the year's end!

Seriously, if a legacy P90 with close to 400 accounts on it could handle up until last month, this dedicated box should work just fine. Heck, we'll even have processing power to spare, so look for announcements about affordable hosting and the like.

Hope this answers it.


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