Searching for TimGunn1962

Feb 23, 2019
Hi there everyone.Im new to the forum.I have learned a lot from this u guys as many questions i had have already been asked before.I recently built my own heattreat oven and being a Machinist by trade all went well and even got my control box sorted out(with a bit of help from my electrician friends).I bought an Omega cn7500 pid controller,but have no idea to program it properly.The manual is very vague.I think im exhausting the patience of the Omega call centre as well.One of your members might be able to help me understand it better.I found a 6 year old post of Timgunn1962 saying he loves the Omega range and uses them in his job.Is there any way of contacting him?Excuse me if im going about this the wrong way.Im absolutely desperate.Much appreciated.