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seashells in knife casing???


Dec 28, 2000
Just wanted to know fellow... has seashells related knife cases been offered yet in the making of knife CASING -- to go hand in hand w/the motiff of the handles? Has this idea been done yet or has been in the knife market. ? Say for example.kives that has MOP handles, goes w/ a a knife case made out entirely of mop slabs somethieng like that?or buff horn knives to be enclose in a casing made out of of buffhorns something like that. Or up to now its still yet basically wooden made thing cases that still in the market so far.? Any comments/observation to this topic would be greatly appreciated Thanks.

I have never seen a seashell case, but you never know. You would think someone, at some time would have done one.
Okay now for the outside world, what else seems hard to imagine. , or “thought” that this sort of project is something not possible or too hard or too expensive to do? I like tohear more opinion please !!!most specially people who has been to numerous international knifeshow if they have encounterd such thing yet ?