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Seattle Knife Shops?

Apr 17, 2004
Hi Gang, I am taking a little four day vacation with my sons and will be traveling to Seattle and was wondering where the best knife shops are esp for SlipJoints.........the boys also like the tacticals Lol
Any advice or recommendations would be appreciated!

1) Federal Army Navy Surplus on 1st Ave in the 2100 block, next to Patagonia's retail store (they also have a website.)
2) Seattle Cutlery in the Pike Place Market (basically three blocks from Fed Surplus... you can walk to both!)
3)There is also a nice all-round small cutlery store in Alderwood Mall, north of Seattle off of I-5 in Lynnwood, about a 25 minute drive north if the traffic's not too bad... and I don't mean Excalibur, which I also believe may still be in that mall, too...

Of those three, Fed Surplus has the biggest selection of "tactical" type knives, Seattle Cutlery has the smallest and the store in Alderwood has a great selection of traditional slipjoints, some Randalls and quite a few tacticals, too...
If you can find a way, try to get to sportco down in Fife(30-35 min from seattle). They have Bm, Kershaws, Spyderco, Byrds, coldsteel and more that I cant think of. The prices are awesome because they cheaper if not the same price as most stores online( I got my BM 556 for $58 + tax). I believe the website is www.sportco.com.

I would recommend to go to Excalibuer (JUST FOR LOOKING) in either southcenter mall or Bellvue sqaure, but DO not buy from there, they are WAY over priced. Also, if you can try to head to sportsmans warehouse. There is one in Federal Way (about 20-25 min drive from seattle) and I believe there is one also up north.

Also, you can try to visit Wades which is a shooting range in Bellvue or Bullseye in tacoma.

PM me if you have any more questions!
Daniel O'Malley of Bladegallery.com runs a Kirkland shop called Epicurean Edge which is a metric gazillion times better than Excalibur or Seattle Cutlery.
Excalibur isn't too bad, there is one at Northgate mall also and they actually have some William Henrys and a CRK Large Micarta Sebenza. Price for the Sebenza is what you would pay anywhere else.

I haven't been to Epicurean Edge yet but I plan to stop by there soon. Looks like lots of cool custom stuff, thought not exactly where my interests are as far as styles are concerned.

I've recently moved to Seattle and it's a great city, but not a lot for really good knife shops I'm afraid.
on Pike Street, called High Hat Knives, we had at least 150 custom knives at any given time. Then the building got sold, and all the tenants got evicted, and I moved to SoCal(in 1996).

Daniel has a super cool spot, but it IS on the Eastside!:D (THAT IS NOT SEATTLE!)

Another great place to look at knives is the Puyallup Gun Show. Google: Washington Arms Collectors. There is some good, some bad, and some ugly, but it is a gathering place for some very cool and knowledgeable knife people.

I was up in Seattle last week, BTW, man, do I miss the place!

Best Regards,

STeven Garsson
I was up in Seattle last week, BTW, man, do I miss the place!

Best Regards,

STeven Garsson
What, You miss moss growing on your feet or is it stepping on slugs in your yard? Just kidding, I love this place.
BTW I seem to have missed the store in Alderwood, what is it near? Steven
It's called the House of Cutlery... (425)-771-7161...
No, I don't work for them, tho I did apply years ago! :D

But they have a large selection of traditional stuff as well as most major manufacturers and a few Randall's and the odd custom, as well as kitchen cutlery...

As to the Epicurean Edge over on the Eastside, visit O'Malley's website and you can see what he actually has in his store! He mostly displays kitchen cutlery in the store, but his vaults hide some real gems, and they like to take 'em out and show ya!

You can also find some stuff at Central Gun Exchange, also on 1st Ave, cross street I believe is Marion? They don't have a lot, but they sometimes get the odd pice in that qualifies as a gem...

As to the WAC show STeven mentioned; they have a show on the 20th and 21st of this month...

found this old thread and would be interested in current picture as I will be on a business trip to Seattle in a few days. I hope I can find a nice shop to buy a large outdoor knife. I'm from Germany where such knives are often much more expensive to buy (at least when comparing internet shop prices).

I'm especially interested in some like Ka-Bar Becker 2 or 9, Ontario RTAK, ESEE Junglas or similar.

I looked up online and this is my result so far:

  • "Federal Army Navy Surplus on 1st Ave in the 2100 block" - web shop doesn't carry any knive resembling my taste
  • "Seattle Cutlery in the Pike Place Market" - web site indicates rather kitchen knives, not big outdoor knives
  • "nice all-round small cutlery store in Alderwood Mall, north of Seattle off of I-5 in Lynnwood" - no clue here...
  • "Excalibuer (JUST FOR LOOKING) in either southcenter mall or Bellvue sqaure, but DO not buy from there, they are WAY over priced" - still overpriced? worth a look?
  • "sportco down in Fife" - web shop selection not to my taste either...
  • "sportsmans warehouse. There is one in Federal Way" - might be worth a look for me. Have a selection of survival knives and machetes, might take a look at Have Ka-Bar, Cold steel instead.
  • "Kirkland shop called Epicurean Edge" - kitchen knives.. (although nice ones.)
  • "Central Gun Exchange, also on 1st Ave" - closed down..
  • "guns show" - Only have time on Monday afternoon and Thuesday, so no time slot..

Anything else I might be able to find mentioned knives at reasonable prices?

Thanks, Thomasch

p.s.: I saw on some other post that there are legal issues in carrying fixed blades in Seattle, therefore I asked for details on that in the legal section of the forum.