Sebenza Anodization

Jan 7, 2001
It seems that a lot of you want to add more color to your Sebenza. I would like to go the opposite direction.

Does anyone know if there is a save way to remove the blue anodization from the thumbstud and the back spacer?

The color comes from a rearrangement of the metal matrix at the surface of the metal, which causes light of certain wavelengths to be reflected to the eye. To remove color from anodized titanium, you need to remove this thn layer of rearracnged molecules. I have never messed with titanium myself, so I am not sure how deep the color effect goes, but light sanding is what you need to do. Someone who has CR knife can probably tell you what grit to use, or are they sandblasted?
The anodization on the tip of the thumbstud on my small Sebenza wore off almost immediately.

I'd guess the rest would come off pretty easily as well.

You can also order the thumblug and spacer uncolored if you want to! We simply color them to add a little flair!