Sebenza in first episode of 24 season 6 *mild spoiler alert*

Feb 18, 2006
I just watched the first episode of 24 season 6, and the bad guy uses a large (I think) regular Sebenza to torture Jack Bauer! :D

I just thought it was cool seeing a Sebenza on TV (or rather, my home-cinema projector, as the episode was leaked and hasn't aired yet ;) ).

Has there been any other movies or TV-series with Sebenza's in them?
There was a thread with pictures about Tom Cruise using a large left-handed Regular in the movie Collateral.


Luckily not many have shown Sebenzas. Because of mainstream media, 'switchblades' are now solely the bad guy's knife (except that guy who uses a HALO [what a bad choice]). The Sebenza is a rather 'friendly' knife due to its simple, non 'tactical' or 'ninja fighter' looks, despite the fact that the ultra-extreme hollow grind on it is ideal for slicing fleshy objects and will take a very sizable chunk out of flesh. The high cost of the blade (10 blades can be an easy 5 grand; double that if you want a real custom gig) and turnover time to get custom blades made probably deter many non-big-buck movie makers; especially since you can get the cheap, out the side, ninja switchblades for 10 bucks at the Flea Market which serve to create a lot more fear. The public is conditioned that as soon as a guy whips out his switchblade, he is the bad guy. Honestly, I am glad the Sebenza doesn't see much air time.
Saw the commercial for 24 and it looked like a sebenza, I just happen to be watching collateral right now. I've seen it 100 times and the knife never even looked like a sebenza, or sounded like one, when snapping it open. I'm going to skip to that scene now.:confused:
Man that is a hard one to tell even frame by frame.("where's the button under the dash?") and then the knife is deployed extremely fast. Blade looks like one though.
The public is conditioned that as soon as a guy whips out his switchblade, he is the bad guy.

I saw that good looking detective on Law & Order SVU, Mariska Hargitay, pull an auto out of her pocket one episode and push the button to open it. I was very surprised. I think I saw someone on CSI do that once, also.
There are quite a few movies where the good guy uses a switchblade. Morgan Freeman carries and uses an Italian stiletto type switchblade in Seven, Val Kilmer uses a Severtech in Spartan and Kevin Costner uses some kind of auto in The Guardian. There are more, but those are the only ones I can remember right now. These are exceptions to the rule though, and switchblades (and knives in general) is usually the bad guy's weapon of choice.

Still, I don't think having Sebenza's in movies and on TV is going to do any more harm than using some other knife. Sheeple can't tell the difference between a buck 110 and a Sebenza anyway.
I saw the commercial yesterday, and I replayed it a couple times (DVR) and finally got it frozen right on the right spot - you could see a large regular perfectly.
So I wonder if Sutherland collects CRK's as well as Microtechs? I find it amusing that an anti-U.S. terrorist would use a Sebenza, but hey, quality is quality. I also find it cool that they would work a Sebenza into the show.

I am hooked on 24, even though they tend to repeat the same plots year after year. The only show I do not miss!

I watched 24 last night, never saw the Seb.
24.....:thumbup: :thumbup:
You must have stepped out of the room for the scene then. It was almost impossible to miss it during the interrogation of Jack Bauer. Heck, when I was was watching it, as soon as he opened the "torture case", you could plainly see the Sebenza sitting there. Sweet!
I'd read the thread, so when I saw the knife, I stopped and rewound a little to get a better look.

My wife, who isn't at all interested in knives, said "Isn't that a Chris Reeve knife?" I was impressed.

I am a screenwriter who also enjoys spotting knives in TV and movies.

I also just happened to be reading the screenplay for "Collateral" at the WGA (Writers Guild of America) library a couple weeks ago.

The script specifically calls for Cruise's character (Vincent) to whip out what it describes as a "Reeves folding hunter" or something like that. It does mentinon Reeves, but not Sebenza by name.

The script may be available online somewhere in anyone is curious.

Here, I found a link--

Here it is, page 38:
"Vincent flicks his hand. CLICK-CLACK, a Reeves folding hunter in dull metal, razor sharp..."

It's pretty unusual to mention a knife by specific brand or name in a script. Usually, that's stuff left to the prop guys who are really into the hardware.

Sorry if this is more information than anyone would ever care to read on this topic.
tyco, thanks for the doing the homework on this. Pretty cool. What have you screen written?
I write mostly family and children's films, including a lot of animation.

Not much opportunity to feature cool blades in that particular genre.