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Sebenza: Is the clip a weak point on this knife?

Mar 21, 2000
It appears that the Sebenza's clip is a little small. Benchmade knives have a nice clip, the knife stays where it's supposed to, is the Sebenza clip as good?

Almost ready to buy a Sebenza, the 2000 versions looks gorgeous!

Thanks to all that reply!
The clip works fine for me, but others may disagree. There have been reports of clips breaking but CR will just replace it. The only possible problem I can think of is the clearance under the clip. On thicker clothes it is real tight. I suggest you get a sebenza with the cutouts under the clip. However, I doubt the 2000 classic sebenzas have the cut out.

I've had my Sebenza for quite some time now, and have never had a problem of any sort with the clip, it's tight and sturdy for any use I may have. While there've been a couple stories of clips breaking, I'm not even really sure how it might happen.

Don LeHue

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The clip has never been a problem for me.....but then it sits in the box it came in and the knife rides in the sheath. Don't care much for clips anyway.


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What Gary said

James Segura
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The clip is the weak point on this knife. But only because the rest is almost perfect

In terms of functionality I can state that it does what it's supposed to do: hold the knife safely on the top of your pocket. Besides that it’s not in the way when you use the knife.

In terms of design and aesthetics it just plains sucks. It looks like some piece of scrap metal found in the shop pressed into function as a clip. No integration into the overall design of the knife. Besides that the finish isn’t great neither. The sides show grooves from the tool which cut the clip out of the blanks.

In short, it shows that the clip is an add on and was not an integral part of the original design. Luckily it works.
Mine broke.I don't know how.Small plain carried in a hor.nylon belt sheath with the clip on the outside.I used it,had a clip,went to use it 15 min.later it was snapped off just past the screw.I never felt or heard a thing.
I have a newer sebenza made in '99 and an older one made in '97. The bends on the clip of the older one is more sharp and distinct. The newer clip has bends that are more rounded, probably to put less stress on the titanium.

Overall, the Sebenza is a very well crafted tool of functional design and quality materials. However, one cannot help but to notice how the clip seems to come from a different bloodline, both in design and quality.