sebenza maintanence

Oct 14, 1998
hey guys,
how often do you disassemble/reassemble your benzas? when you do what do you use to clean it? what do you use to lube it at the pivot and elsewhere? are the hex screws tightened all the way or do you have to feel for the right tension? how do you know if you have the right tension?
p.s. i'm a new sebenza owner, and want to take it apart to check it out, but i'm afraid it won't get put back together quite the same.
When you first loosen the hex screws note the position of the wrench. Loosen, then stroke it back to the factory position. Do that a few times and you'll "remember" the feel of how snug to torque them down upon reassembly.
As for takin' it apart...only when it needs it and then one drop and one drop only of Rem Oil (teflon stuff) like Chris sells.


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