Sebenza - Myth or Legend?

May 16, 2000
I'm on the verge of retiring my everyday-carry, do-all trusty SOCOM for the likes of a Sebenza...
So I want to hear all of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Any opinions and/or facts are welcomed.

(sorry for the redundant post... its on KFC as well, some of you read here and not there and visa versa.)
Sebenza's are very very bad. And they are incredibly Ugly. They have some sort of evil voodoo or alien mind control technology which takes over the mind and will of their owners. Before long, these sorry individuals actually get rid of their other knives, forsaking all others except their horde of Sebenza's (one is rarely just enough). Then they start ranting, and before you know it, they will have joined up with one of the extreme fringe groups like the Sebenza Jihad or the radical Sebenzanista's.

May God have mercy on your soul...


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Another answer is that the Sebenza is both Myth and Legend. Someone even once started a thread stating that 'Chris Reeve is God'.

I think that is a bit of a strong statement which may contain elements of exaggeration and hyperbole.

It is self evident that Chris Reeve is merely a tool made by God to give Man a better knife.

Paracelsus, still waiting for the Sebenzanistas to come riding in...
The Sebenza has a deep hollow grind resulting in a very thin edge which makes it cut very well. It uses one of the stronger and more wear resistant stainless steels (BG-42) which gives it a long edge life on light work. The lock is both stable and strong. It has a very durable handle, being made from Ti. And lastly, Reeves also has a very good reputation for customer service.

If you compare the Sebenza to a production folder like the Syderco Endura it stands out significantly in regards to performance. One of the most critical posts I have seen regarding the Sebenza was made by Thaddeus a couple of years ago in which he noted that most of the people that he talked to who really praised the Sebenza were used to medium class production folders. However it was his opinion that the Sebenza doesn't fare nearly as well against the custom folders in a similar price range and he listed several that he thought were better.

In terms of downsides, well it uses a stainless steel which gives up durability for protection against rust. This leaves the thin edge relatively prone to chipping (do a search in the forum for past posts about this), and as well I didn't find the handle comfortable nor secure. I could also bind the lock shut during deep cuts due to hand pressure.

I have two questions:
1) Does the hardness of the BG-42 make it a pain to sharpen?
2) Does the titanium handle scratch easily?
No - useing a Sharpmaker requires very little steel to be removed
Yes - but it doesn't bother me

Sorry, forgot to answer the original question. If you are looking for a strong performing using knife, by all means go for it. Plus, they are cool to take apart for routine maintenance

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The frame lock and adjustable blade stop make the knife very safe and one that you can adjust the lockup for wear. With reasonable care, the knife should last a very long time. This is not a knife, however, that I would pry with or in general, abuse the blade. Nevertheless, overall it is built like a tank, as they say. Very solid and dependable.

Is it worth the money? It's probably saved me a lot of money, because I don't spend my time shopping for another daily carry folder (except for Opinels
). If I buy another folder, it will most likely be another Sebenza. Now I just bankrupt myself buying fixed blades.


I get some pleasure from finding a relentlessly peaceful use for a combative looking knife.
Let me just say that I've never owned a folder with a lock-up mechanism that instills more confidence than the one on my Sebenza. I have several top quality custom integral lock folders that certainly lock up as well as my Sebenza, but quite honestly, none that do it better.

I'm still happy to pay the custom maker his premium so that I can own a knife with improved aesthetics and ergonomics (both very subjective qualities), but for a using blade made with top quality materials, I'm one of the few that considers the Sebenza to be a bargain. It will serve you well and not let you down.

The handles will be subject to some scratching over time, but another custom-like feature of the Sebenza is the ability of any owner to send it in to CRK for a complete overhaul at a reasonable price. This will have your trusted friend looking almost new again.

Semper Fi

The first time I got to handle a Sebenza was at the Spyderco Factory Outlet. The fact that they sell them there speaks volumes. They are attractive, built like a tank and are razor sharp. What else would you really want in a daily carry knife?
At a knife show a few years ago I had the chance to handle a few Sebenzas and found the them to be top quality. The fit and finish was wonderful. The mechanism moved smoothly, the lock was great, they impressed me very much. So much infact that now that I can afford one I have ordered a wood inlay. So I guess you know my opinion, go ahead buy one, you will love it.
Excellent knife and well worth the price.
I would recommend(and have) this knife to anyone.
There really is no down side except perhaps for the price. I've held more comfortable folders, but this is very subjective, and most folders have to compromise somewhere between handle comfort and carry-ability. The knife's strength inspires confidence what ever the cutting task at hand. From an engineering perspective, the knife is a quintessential illustration of the principle of engineering simplicity resulting in both easy maintenance, and aesthetic qualities. I've met people who thought the Sebenza was over priced, but never any who didn't think it was a great knife.
Myth. Totally. Not worth the price of WD-40 to spray on them. Except for a few, purportedly worthwhile models (which are probably in actually only barely acceptable):

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Then there are the Umfaans, which are the same, only more so

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It is heavy and the clip sucks. It is also very expensive.

However it is the best folder I have EVER seen and held.

I still carry my Spyderco Military however.

It is a fantastic knife, but I would rather a 710 or a Military for tough use. The Sebi is just to damn expensive for the rough stuff. Not the knife at fault, I am just too cheap I guess?


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I have a large and small sebenza which I carry daily and just love using them for what they are - precision cutting instruments.

For daily cutting tasks, the BG42 thin edge performs like a knife knut's wet dream. The large sebenza also has the best integral lock I've ever seen (with the possible exception of customs from a handful of makers). The thick titanium bar snaps into place with such precision that I don't ever fear the lock disengaging accidently.

For me, the only things against it is the very thin edge (might chip if you play hard) and that it looks like what some detractors call "a grey turd"

I would buy a basic sebenza for the price but probably not the wood inlay which is IMHO too pricey.

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The sebenza is definetly a whole lot of quality pocket knife. Three years or so ago I was good for a new folder a year. I bought the Sebenza and that was it. Kind of a drag because I dont even stay current on the latest and greatist production folder anymore. Buy this one and your pocket carry search is done. Be careful what you wish for.

Feels like a Fine tool should !!


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by stjames:
One of us, One of us, One of us, One of us...</font>

See Dashunde?

I told you those darned Sebenzanistas did some ranting and chanting! It's an evil Mind Control cult thing.

Don't get one, or you too will start to chant and rant about how great your Sebbie is. I've seen it before, and it's not a pretty picture

(StJames by popular acclaim is the unofficial leader of the Sebenzanista's)

Paracelsus, tongue in cheek

I have had my large Sebenza for over a year now. I can't find much fault with this knife except maybe the price. These are indeed "CNC" knives yet, you are approaching custom prices on these folders. I wish more makers would use BG-42 but I always here that price is a huge consideration. I also understand that its hell to grind that steel. The "liner lock" which is the really the frame I believe, is the strongest in the business......And finally, Chris Reeves is a nice man. Larry C.