Sebenza Pocket Clip

Aug 3, 2009
Hey guys I have a question regarding the sebenzas pocket clip. I know that the bent portion in the middle of the clip is suppose to engage the pocket, and act as a second line of defense so you don't lose your knife. For some reason it doesnt grap onto my pocket, like the clip on my other seb. I also cant figure out how to bend the clip to make it engage better. SHould I just buy another clip? I DONT feel like losing my seb.

Could you take a pic of your clip from the side view. It might help if others can see how close it is to the frame itself.:thumbup:
This happened with the clip on my small Seb too. What I did was I took the clip off, held onto the end of the clip that has the hole in it with some pliers, and then slightly bend the clip to give it more grip on the pants. It took a couple of tries to get the fit and feel just right but it sure beats buying another clip. In your situation, I don't believe there is a need to purchase a new clip.
If you must, buying a new clip is only about $25 from CRK's.

Or you can get an excellent sheath from one of the craftsmen around here. Gary G's got some good ones from what I've seen.
I had the same problem with mine, I bent the clip like safetyman said. but the middle of the clip still does not contact my blue jeans or is it not supposed to. pics would be great if anyone had them.
Yeah I bent my clip and the end of the clip works fine, its just the middle section doesnt do anthing. It does clip to my pants pocket but it comes out way to easy, and I dont think adding anymore tension will help. I was considering taking a dremel and putting a cross hatch pattern under the clip so It will be more tractionable. If I F*** it up I can buy another one.
Yeah , I am not overly impresed with how loose my clip is also. Mine comes out way to easy as well.
It is not a problem with the new sebenzas. It is actually in the design. I will see if I cant find it, but I remember a few years ago there was a thread about the the new clip, with photos etc.
I have always had to loosen my clips a little as they were to tight.

They are easy to shape or add/remove tension using a vise....just keep in mind that adding tension also adds tension to the lock bar and more resistance to the blade.
I've gone to carrying my Sebbies in belt sheaths because I almost lost my small one. It was almost out of my pocket when I caught it.
I too have been using belt sheaths as well just for that reason. I also have done some surfing and have seen alot of the same issues. A good thread here glad to see it , with all the CR Knife nuts on BF.