Sebenza Question

Mar 29, 2000
I just got my sm. sebenza in the mail today and i love it! I can't stop looking at it :)

One question, though...Sometimes i have a tendancy, when unlocking the blade, to push the locking bar the slightest bit past the scale on the lock side (so it's not flush w/ the scale, but sticking out a little beyond) OR, if i push slightly down by accident on the bar (towards the stop pin) Dont get me wrong. I know how to open the knife correctly, but i've been playing around with it a lot.

Is this not good to do, or is this just something petty i shouldnt worry about, since some of you have put this knife through hell and back with no problems?

I love this knife, but maybe i'm just a little nervous having such a new and expensive knife?


I don't think you could harm the Sebbie in the manner you mention without a lot of force and without trying to harm it.

That titanium bar is fairly tough, and in fact, you can disassemble and either bend the lock to lighten the spring tension, or bend the other way to make spring tension firmer, without any harm, if you use some common sense & discretion. I have done this myself.

The Sebenza is probably one of the toughest folders on the market (well, short of obnoxiously overbuilt stuff like Farid's stuff maybe).