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Sebenza request.

May 16, 2000
I'm trying to decide if I want a Small Seb or a Umfaan for in-pocket carry while wearing slacks...

It would be great if one of you guys who has a large, small and a "mini" could shoot a pic of them all side by side for comparison... or point me in the direction of an existing pic of this sort.

Look here. I was checking it out yesterday. RGRAY posted a picture of his trio.

btw, I know you're familiar with the BM 940 and Spyderco Dragonfly. I just got a small Seb, and size-wise it's in btw those two. About the same thickness as the 940. Blade and handle are about 1/2" shorter than the 940's, respectively (got both sitting in front of me
). Small world-did you find a Calypso?

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Thanks Owen, that did the trick... and damn that Umfaan is tiny. Guess it will be the Small Seb for me
one thing a lot of people dont take into consideration is that very small liner lock/frame locks are hard to manipulate becasue of their design.....its inherent and theres nothing you can do about it...I havent seen very many people who like the little one as much as the small.

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Dashunde, IMHO you will be very happy with the small.

The small is my favorite; I carry it every day.


If you really want something special; get a wood inlay small Sebenza.


Rick Gray - Left Handers Unite

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by tom mayo:
one thing a lot of people dont take into consideration is that very small liner lock/frame locks are hard to manipulate becasue of their design.....its inherent and theres nothing you can do about it...I havent seen very many people who like the little one as much as the small.

I think I agree with Tom here. If he had said "the Umfaan is so small that it is hard to manipulate... most people like the Small Sebenza better", then I would say "right-o".

Unless you are very sensitive to having the weight of a knife at the bottom of your slacks pocket, the Small Sebenza is the way to go. The Umfaan is really too small (I own one, carry rarely).
My vote goes for the small here. Easy pocket carry, sheeple friendly, airport friendly and will do most anything you ask of it. My small wood inlay Seb is my favorite Sebenza. It fits just right in my hands. For pocket carry I prefer knives with handle length lesss than 4.5" and closer to 4" the better. Tom Mayo is making me a Moa recurve that is slightly larger than the small Seneza. I have a feeling that I will be very pleased with his work. I will post a picture of it in the customs section when I get it. Thanks Tom!
to explain my postition a little broader, the liner lock/frame lock must be held by the three or four small fingers while manipulating the blade with the thumb and very small knives in this genre dont really have enough to hold on too- believe me I have made enough of them. If, however, you use two hands like on a conventional lock back type folder, there is no problem whatsoever.........and as an aside, left handed people are the only ones in their right minds!!!




John 1:14

I treat my Umfaans like jewelry and carry them when I'm dressed up. Last night I carried my blue circle Umfaan to the Father-Daughter Valentine Dance.

My small Classic #36/50 is daily carry.

Frank Norman
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Thanks for the info and pic guys, I'll be going the route of the Small Seb I think.

Too bad CRK doesnt make a super light weight version of it though, maybe one with strategicly placed end-milling indentations on the inside of the handles to reduce weight for in-pocket carry.
This would reduce the weight significantly and still retain most of its strenght... I would so think anyway.
As a new Sebenza owner,

For what it's worth, I'd throw in another vote for the small. I tried both, and the small really fits the bill. I've really enjoyed it the past month.

As the past owner of an Umfaan (just too small for me) and the present owner of 2 small and one large Sebensas, I just ordered a Tom Mayo Ultralite TNT!

CRK makes a great knife.

Tom Mayo makes a great Knife.

BUT Tom gives us a wide choice of blade materials, and I choose Talonite!

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I really like my little Umfaan with the spear and tall grasses design. I think it is one of my nicest knives and love to carry it. I agree that it is really hard to open with one hand but it's so darn cute that I just treat it and use it like the fine little pocket knife that it is.

Peter Atwood

I have to agree. I carry a small Sebenza daily. Had a large, sold bought the small. Bought another large and now I kinda wonder why. My small Sebenza does everything I need a folder to do.

I have an Umfaan as well. It is a left pocket carry knife. It works well in dress pants. For me it is kinda like the small blade on a SAK. I keep it razor sharp and rarely use it. I also put my Umfaan in my pocket survival kit when I am in the woods.

Hoah! (Its an Army thing!)
I find the small is just fine for today's "dress casual" office look, but if you are going very formal or otherwise wear pants made from very thin material, then the small may be too large.

FWIW, I discovered a year ago that there is no such thing as "safe for airport carry", especially on international flights. I had a spyderco dragonfly taken from me not because the blade was too long, but because it locked. Anything can be confiscated if the guard so chooses. If you are lucky, they'll put it in a small paper sack and hand it back to you when you leave the plane...