Sebenza Rust????

Oct 8, 1998
Has anyone experienced oxidation aka rust on the blade of their Sebenza.

I have not, though just about every other knife I haved carried has done so.

And I know, if I do experience rust, Tuff Cloth.

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I found some small rust spots on occasion around the thumb stud area of my old ATS-34 Sebenza. I haven't found any, given the same conditions, on my BG-42 model.

I've had a Sebenza for 3 or 4 years and haven't had any problems with rust. I DO clean it regularly, so that may be why.

A note on Tuff Cloth...
I recently disassembled my Sebenza and treated all parts with Tuff Cloth. After I reassembled the knife, it felt "gummy". I thought I'd misaligned the 2 washers that the blade ride on, so I kept taking it apart and reassembling. The blade still felt the same.

A knowledgeable friend told me that TuffCloth CAN make a blade bind, so I removed the TuffCloth residue from all the parts and just hit them with BreakFree. I reassembled the knife and it's like new again.

I also find that Flitz does a much faster job of removing rust than TuffCloth.

That's my two cents. Hey! How come you're giving me change?