Sebenza size preference????

I carry a large decorated Sebenza for daily carry and at night I carry me Umfaan. Love them both. I said this in another thread but is it just me or does the Benchmade Pinnacle look like a CR rip off? I mean it has the same integral style lock and overall look. Is it just me guys?

I have a large Sebenza and love it very much. The size of this one is just right for what I need in a heavy duty work folder, the blade size is just right. I've held the small Sebenza once before and think that it would make a good knife for "gentleman's chores" - where one doesn't use a knife that frequently. Guess I'm too used to the feel of the large one!
Large Sebenza. I've found the blade to be of the optimum length for most chores that require slicing and cutting.
I carry a small everyday. Work, weekends, inside breast pocket of my tux when I got married. Sailed through the last several airports I've been to. The large may not get an argument either, but I'm usually not in a mood to start a p*ssing contest with a light-fingered rent-a-guard. The performance seems to surpass the size of the knife, and whenever I need a knife for a bigger chore, I usually have a larger fixed blade around somewhere.

The Pinnacle has a completely different blade shape than the Sebenza, and the handle shape differs pretty much also. The integral lock is what the two knives have in common, and perhaps that forces the design decision to use all titanium handles, another point in common. Otherwise, the knives are pretty different.

I dunno, does using the same lock constitute being a rip-off? If so, shouldn't you be saying that all liner locks are rip-offs from Walker or whoever before him invented the lock style?
The first three Sebenzas I purchased were two large and one small. I hated the small one. After several months of carrying the large one around in my jeans, I found myself leaving the large ones at home, and carrying the small one.

Further, the above poster's remarks about the 'airline comfort level' with the small 'Benza is well taken. I myself have had absolutely no problems throwing it in the change dish. I don't even bother putting money on it any more.

Of course, preference is subjective thing. Walt Welch
I had to make my choice of size sight unseen. Many recommended the small Sebenza with solid logic such as Walt offers. But I had carried a 4" folder (Elishewitz M5 Omega) for 4 years without a problem and had found my EDI Genesis I also comfortable. This included crawling in and out of my flying skateboard ('96 Miata) with a blade in my front right pocket. So I opted for the large and haven't looked back since.

Ultimately you can't go wrong with either but for the small price difference between the large and small, I found it harder to justify the small as an acquisition. Granted, Anne confirms that the labor involved is basically the same to make either, large or small, hence the small differential in pricing.

About the only other consideration I can offer are to repeat comments from an owner who cores an apple daily. The shallower blade of the small Sebenza is easier to turn for coring than the large. The utility uses you see yourself applying a Sebenza blade to may mirror his experience and influence your choice. I slice my apple, piece by piece, so the larger blade is just fine thank you

I have the small Sebenza and an Umfaan. They seem to be perfect for whatever daily chores I may encounter. Sometimes, that means simply admiring them.
Later, Bill
Thanks Joe,

Your point is very well made. I just can't think of looking at the Pinnacle and not think about the Sebenza. That why I wanted to know if I was the only one.

Standing offer: the day Chris Reeve offers a 6" Sebenza, it's mine.

I love the large. For me, bigger is better. I'm with you Jim, by the way. It would be great to see a Sebenza with a blade length of at least 4" or so (I figure that the large's blade is about 3.5" long).
I'm a relatively new owner of a small Sebenza. I thought long and hard about what size to get. I actually stood at the table and fondled each for about a half hour total (two separate visits). I pulled out the Benchmade I had on me at the time and noticed the size was about the same as the large. I also took into account which would be easier to carry in a suit pocket. I opted for the small and have been VERY happy. I LOVE THIS KNIFE!

I agree with most of the above on the small AND large. I labored for the longest time on the decision over large vs. small. I finally went for the small. It is a very handy size and will do most of your cutting chores. Then Blues told me about his large, and I thought; "To hell with it", and popped for a large. I have to admit Chris Reeve has a better grasp of appropriate dimensions than most, and the large Sebenza isn't really all that "large." To me it is just right. They're both fine folders, and whichever one you pick, you can't really go wrong. I will admit after I added the large to my small, I couldn't stop myself and ordered the little Umfaan. Now I have "The Holy Trinity", and couldn't be happier.

You must either be single or have a much more understanding wife than I.

I must admit I would love to have a large Sebenza, but I value my marriage, too. I was made to promise only one knife a year. Maybe...

When Blues was agonizing over which size to get, I sent him a picture of the small one sitting on top of the large one. What I had never noticed before was that the large Sebenza is only _slightly_ larger than the small when closed. When open, however, it yields much more blade.

Either way you can go wrong, I bought the small and loved it so much I saved up and bought big one, too! I go through phases of which one I carry, but they are both fantastic.

By the way, I still have Doug's pictures, so for those of you who are agonizing (the horror, the horror....) let me know, and I'll e-mail them to you.

Or maybe someone can put them on a website for all to view.

Me, I'm computer challenged.



"Live Free, or Die"

My preference is the small one. I just never liked the width of the blade on the big one. The Sebenza and the AFCK are two knives that I have always considered the big one too big and the small one too small. Want a middle sized Sebenza.

I tried that marriage thing once a long time ago. I buy whatever knife I want now, and if I don't have enough money for a purchase, my girlfriend gives me the difference. I like this setup better.