Sebenza thumb stud........ouch


Oct 4, 1998
I just received my new small sebenza. I love it, it is everything that I hoped for. Except, the thumb stud is shredding my thumb. The stud seems very sharp. Does anyone have any sugesstions as to what I can do tho fix it? I remember reading about a few solutions but I can't remember exactly what they were.


For the answer to that question go to the Chris Reeve forum on Knife Forums. They have gone into detail on that topic.

I think it's the thumb movement that needs to be adjusted. Try to limit the down pressure and focus on the pivot.

I did not retrain my thumb. I just grew a big ole corn on it. That was easier


I bought my small Sebenza used, and the stud was trimmed down and smoothed out, so I never had a problem with it, but a friend of mine bought his new and experienced the same thing. Thinking his own discomfort was probably the sharp corners from the layer cuts in the stud, he used a bit of clear nail polish to "fill in" and smooth the grooves and hasn't had a complaint yet.

Don LeHue

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I had the same problem initially. I then adapted my opening method as Dave described. It only took a few minutes to get the right motion down.

I never had a problem with the thumb stud myself. In fact, I like the fact that it grabs on and doesn't let go until you've opened it.
Best opening system I've encountered, right up there with Spyderco's Hole.

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When I first got my small Sebenza, the older style a while ago, I couldn't for the life of me open the knife! I called Chris and they had some get through that the detent was too deep or something, so I sent the knife back to them and that fixed it! It may be the same thing with yours.


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All of us seem to get a case of "Sebenza Thumb" until we learn that inward pressure just is not necessary with these special folders.
Big Dave and I both learned from experience

When you learn that only upward pressure is necessary with Reeves folders, you develop a standard of performance where most other folders fail.
When that thumb heels, you'll be OK. But I too can relate to the agony of not being able to play with a new knife intil your flesh heals.

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I'd like to add that and Sebenza ouch is a good ouch!


The clear nail polish worked, thanks DonL. I have also adjusted the way I open the knife. Man do I really like this knife.

I've got an older style Sebenza which i recently returned to Chris Reeve to have a new blade of BG-42 installed. The original was ATS-34 which Chris had bead-blasted on my request. I decided for various reasons to try out a polished BG-42 blade and am i ever happy i did. It performs wonderfully and was returned with a new blue anodized thumb stud which is gorgeous.
I initially had trouble opening my Sebenza too but i guess i figured it out. I still can't open it as fast as a Spyderco or Benchmade but so what. This is a knife to caress and admire before using it.

Jason Fowler