Mar 1, 2000
My new plain small regular (if you can call ANY Sebenza "regular") Sebenza will be here this week. It's sort of exciting, after all the great reviews I've read, to know that I'll own one in a couple of days.
However, in reading this forum, it seems that many guys obtain a Sebenza and then don't carry it. As a knife collector, I can understand how someone would just want to put a wood inlay, Damascas blade beauty under glass and take it out only when you felt the need to hold it in your own hands. ANY small scratch on a knife like that would be a "killer".) But, I intend to use my "Small Plain" for daily carry. I suppose a few scratches from coins or keys will go with the territory, however my Sebenza is going to be in my pocket every day. I can think of no better use for it than that!
Think I'm wrong? Anyone agree?

I carry my small decorated "trailing moon" everyday. I don't give it any special treatment. I mean for $380 this thing better be able to take it! Plus you can always send it back to get refinished.

The first knife was probably used to cut stuff.
My large plain has been in my pocket ever since I got it, I figure that if it's made to be carried, you might as well carry it. I agree that the "pretty" models could be kept under glass, but they are also made to be carried. So if it cranks your tractor to do so, by all means get that damascus woody and carry it
But I feel that any knife worth displaying and keeping in mint condition should be a fully capable user if necessary, or if you just decide to carry it one day. Knives don't do you much good if they just sit on a shelf, they might look nice, but I think a well worn user is just as attractive as a mint condition model. I am not big on "art" knives that have no use other than sitting on a shelf and looking like an art knife.
I carry my small classic Sebenza everyday, since the day I bought it.
I paid $550 for it (Europe is no place for a knifeknut), but this knife is a worker not a museum-piece. I don't mind all the scratches it's gotten in the past two months, in fact I love it more everyday.
I guess what I mean to say is: I agree with you 100% !

Use and enjoy it !
I carried my large, plain everyday for over a year. I bought it because I wanted to carry one of the best knives available and not worry about harming it (which aside from some blemishes, it remains perfect). It now shares pocket time with my EDC Dominator which was purchased for exactly the same reasons.
I agree with you, I am about to order a new large Sebenza next week and I plan on using it everyday. I am also excited about getting one.
Hey, John
You were going back and forth there for a little while. Which type did you finally settle on?... Plain Sebenza or Classic 2000 Sebenza?
I picked the Plain. It was the shape of the blade that got me. To me, it just looks better.
WOW! The anticipation is intoxicating! I felt the same way right before my new Seecamp .32ACP came.

Carry it. It's one of the best using folders out there. It will develop numerous little "character" scratches, but nothing will impair it's "functional" beauty.

Will, apparently you're just part of a new trend, kind of like the Case line -- Pocket Worn Sebenza. Carry and enjoy.
In fact, is there anyone out there who can post a picture of a worn out, scratched up, dirty Sebenza?

My EDC is a small unique deco Sebbie, at first I carried it in the slip sheath and that kept it looking good, However, that turned it into a 2 handed knife. Now I clip it into my front pocket and scratch the hell out of it daily!

Even scratched up and dirty, when I pull it out, It still screams QUALITY!


Wish I could show you a picture of mine, had it since 95 and instead of sending it back I took it apart and used #000 steel wool and then #0000 on the ti handles, which took all the scratches out and lighted the ti up a bit. The ti does not seem to show the scratches like it did before since polishing(removed the rough finish) it. While it was apart I polished the original allen bolts to a mirror finish by hand and they turned out pretty darn good. I like the way it looks now better than I did before. The blade is the original mirror finished ats-34 and it has scratches that I am not able to remove by hand (no big deal-it's a user).

So instead of sending your baby for an overhaul do a little tinkering yourself and you will not be disappointed.

Well Will.223, I decided to get the regular also. The reason I picked the regular was because I like the looks of the blade better and I like the little grooves in the handle. I know that a lot of people don't like them but I do. I am going to order it sometime next week. I can't wait.
I carry the plain ones, but I haven't been able to bring myself to use my decorated small. I'll be even less likely to use my wood-inlaued large, when it gets here.

BTW, I was talking to CRK today, and they haven't even started production on the 2001 wood inlays yet. The wood arrived late, and it's currently being treated. I was told mid to late summer for mine.
My small seb is in my left pocket right now, banging around in there with my #6 opinel. I'm not real big on buying knives that will only sit in a box. Every knife I buy is an intended user. That's why I haven't bought a decorated seb. I love the look of them and other fine knives as well but collecting beautiful knives is a luxury I don't get involved in. It's great if you can afford it though. For now though, I will just admire other people's collectibles.


I get some pleasure from finding a relentlessly peaceful use for a combative looking knife.
Agree, carry it and use it, best investment you can make. I rotate through a few of them, in my collection and use them at work, boxes, ropes, straps, stripping wire, tye-wraps and what have you, very handy and secure feeling for me.
The Umfaan is not a whiteknuckle type knife but has a nice edge none the less and I carry that from time to time.

The wood inlay, now that feels the best to me, the wood making the knife just a tad thicker in the hand, great, expensive but nice!

here is a rather large closeup image of my wood inlaid small Sebenza, Box Elderwood was used for the wood inlay.

Just tried the link and Geocities isn't liking the connection for some reason...sorry about that

Looks as if you can Highlight the address and paste it, and it will take you to the image, not sure why Geocities is being weird about this all of a sudden...


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My Sebenzas are all plain-so is my Umfaan.
I did have my name engraved on all three of them. I also removed the clips and installed Reeve's filler plug on the large and small Sebenzas.
I carry the Umfaan all the time.
I carry the small Sebenza often.
I seldom carry the large. It's just too big.
Scratches can easily be removed from the plain models with Soft Scrub when they are disassembled.
Don't worry and enjoy.
What you have purchased ranks high with the finest of knives.