Apr 1, 2001
Hi To all I was wondering to all people that have a Sebenza do any of you have one that was born on their on birthdays? I have one that I bought off the for sale forum but have not gotten it yet but it was born on my birthday so that had a special meaning to me I thought kind of neat! William
Yes, I purchased a lefty Sebenza with a born on date the same as my birthday- also off of the for sale forums.

It will never leave me! :D


I recently picked up a mint Knifemakers Guild 25th Anniversary "P" sebenza, the fact that the born on date is also my youngest childs birthdate made the purchase that much more enjoyable!

No, but I wish I did. I have thought it would be cool to have one made on the same day as my birthday.
How about this...after my large Sebbie got stolen last summer when some thugs broke into my truck, my wife bought me a small Sebbie for our 5 year anniversary. She had it engraved with our anniversary date and it was "born" on my birthday, which is just four days before our anniversary. Pretty cool!
Seems to me as though the thugs provided an opportunity for your wife to show what a good women she is.
My large wood inlay was born 5 days after my 30th birthday. Thats the closest I have had.
michael :D
Well I finally recieved my Sebenza! It is a really nice knife and has a special meaning being made on my birthday. Don't know if I'll use it much but I plan on keeping it close by.
Well my first Sebe arrived today! Really nice knife. I couldn't get one born on my birthday but it was made a few day before.

Interestingly, the DOB on the certificate says July, 6th, 2001 but Chris signed the blade July 4th, 2001. I'm guessing that the later date is the date of final assembly. Anyone know for sure?

My Sebenza is always in a nylon pouch on my belt or clipped to my right front pocket. However, I can envision an instance or two where I would leave it in my trunk's console. I think it would make me a little crazy to come back and not only find my truck broken into, but my Sebenza GONE!
Maybe even MORE than a little crazy. I'm EMOTIONALLY ATTACHED to my Sebenza. It's NOT just a pocket knife! It's my Sebenza!!!!