Sebenza's in Jersey

Feb 5, 2000
Okay, so I've been hearing all this great stuff about the legendary Sebenza, I have never seen one in person, and am dying to find one, and handle it, just to see what the big deal is. Anyone know of any shops in the central jersey, philadelphia area, where I can check one out?

Call Mike at Beaver Creek Cutlery, Bricktown, NJ he should have a few on hand. Good Luck. I don't know the # offhand.

Where do you live in Jersey? I'll let you check out my Sebenza if you can't find one locally to play with. :D
I live in Ewing, which is right by Trenton. I've been dying to handle a Seb. for a while, even got a pinnacle, to see the frame lock, kind of a Seb in training:)
Holy weirdness. Sorry, I have nothing to contribute as far as locating Sebenzas in the Garden State, but man. I moved from Ewing, NJ to Bronxville, NY. Two townies in rapid succession in this post. Either it's a small world out there or a bigger world in here than I thought!

Sort of on topic, Paragon Sporting Goods in NYC is a train ride away, but I'd only go there to handle a Sebenza, not buy one (~$100 higher than list, IIRC). That's where I managed to see one in person for the first time.
Greg at Skylands Cutlery is great to do business with. He's actually met me at designated locations to deliver so I could pick the one I wanted.

Skylands is great, but Roz of Holster-Depot.Com also has some Sebenzas and other Reeve knives on hand--she's in the central Jersey area as well. 732-886-0215. (She also had some great Elishewitz folders on hand, too, at a recent show in Ft Washington PA)

I'm in the Trenton area, by the way, and I'd be happy to loan out a slightly used Benza, too :D