Sebertech M4 Sebertool

Oct 6, 1998
I just got my M4 today from Cabela's.
Model# 2000CP
small standard screwdriver
knife blade
bottle opener
large standard screwdriver
wire cutters and strippers
phillips screwdriver
interlocking keyring holder
*all tools lock
**limited lifetime warranty
<a href="">picture available</a>
Size: about the same closed length as the Leatherman Micra, slightly wider, shallower depth.
Finish on this model: Grey Teflon

First Impressions & Observations:
1. Upon looking at the tool for the first time while in it's packaging: Pretty neat and compact design. Got the ooohs and ahhhs from colleagues.
2. Upon handling:
-all tools have a half open stop. Locking mechanism is difficult to engage with one's thumb. I've found that I have to use the edge of my workstation counter to disengage the tool lock(s).
-knife blade: shaving sharp (just when my arm hair was starting to grow back...)
-pliers: fine enough to grip thick hair strands. Both plier tips don't align when closed.
-wire cutter/stripper: overlaps like a pair of scissors. Makes short work of cutting network connector cables.
-phillips screw driver: good for small screws only.
-some sharp edges on the tool lock detents.

*haven't used the other tools yet.
**opening and closing all tools is tough as yet since the unit is still new.
***overall, this little tool's a keeper for now. Recommended for computer support personnel.
Greg Namin
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I have an M3 - nifty tool, but if the M4 shares the same grey finish then you can expect it to wear off within the week. Strangely, the finish on mine wore off completely on some surfaces and not at all on others, no rhyme or reason for the difference is apparent. ??
I also have the M3, rides with my keys most of the time and the finish on mine is just fine. I was showing it to someone at my new job(finally! 3 months is a long time) and surprise! we sold the Sebertech co. the fastener bits they use in the tools. We also supply Buck and another co. that makes cheap diving knives. When I accepted this position I never guessed it would have any connection to knives, cool.Oh, uh, Sebertech M3 works real well so far, I really like the mini screwdrivers that fold out of the handles. All the phillips heads seem well defined, not rounded like alot of multis.

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