seek custom maker recommendations

Oct 16, 1998
Once again, I seek to draw on the experience and expertise of this excellent forum! I am designigning a neck-knife, skeletal handle, upswept 2.5" scimitar blade (wish I had a scanner to include a pic - it's keeewl indeed, IMHO). I would optimally like it to be made of Boye dendritic steel, about which which I have heard wonderful things. Can anyone recommend a relatively inexpensive maker who would work with this material (I understand it is available for purchase), is willing to undertake a customer's design, and who has a turn-around time measured in months not years? It's a really cool design, meant to maximize functional cutting edge in a city that permits a maximum 2.5" blade. The sheath would be a kydex pocket rig, I'd probably get it separately from edgeworks. All information or suggestions greatly appreciated!! Thanks FF
(I'm posting this in the custom forum as well - is that wrong?).
Sounds like you need to contact Rob Simonich. He is willing to work in a variety of steels, although I can't speak to dendritic specifically. Otherwise, you've pretty much described him perfectly.