Seeking a quality LEFTIE tactical folder!

Dec 28, 2000
I am new to the knife community but have always been impressed with the Spyderco brand. I recently wanted to buy one and found that finding one with a left hand clip was impossible! I ended up with an Al Mar SERE 2000 because the clip can be reversed and it seemed like a good blade. I also read Jeff Randalls review in TK.

I have 2 questions:
1. Did I make a good choice?
2. What other blades should I have considered?
Yes, you made a very good choice.

Being a lefty myself, I prefer anything with an axis-lock. Benchmade model 710, 730, 940 are all great knives. SOG's Night Vision is also a nice lefty knife.

But I think the SERE 2000 is a great choice. The clip is reversible, dual thumb studs, VG-10 steel, great fit and finish, and I close mine with my left index finger with no problem. You should be happy with it.

If you are on a budget the axis locks seem to be the way to go for lefties. I personally carry left-handed large and small Sebenzas that I am very fond of. There are also some fine custom makers that will do their designs in left-handed. I wish that Spyderco would make more of their models with revesable clips. I was really surprised when the Chinook came out that it did not allow for left hand carry. Being a lockback the knife is totally ambi except for the clip. I think REKAT and Kershaw offer lefty versions of some of thier models. From everything I have read you made a fine choice in the SERE.

The Zytel - Delica, Endura, Native, Goddard models all have reversible clips.
I am as left handed dominant as can be. And yet as a fellow lefty as well as Spyderco fan, I tell you this: get the Military. The right-handed clip really doesn't matter. You just clip it in your left front pocket, reach for the Spydie hole while sliding your hand into the pocket palm-out, back-of-hand in, yank the knife up and out, then snap it down in the well-known Spyderco quick draw. Presto--you now hold in your hand the Spyderco flagship knife. And it's a very good feeling.
Charlie, who used to work at the Spyderco Factory Outlet, showed me how to do that--and he's not even left handed. He claimed he outdrew an LEO who came in with an automatic blade.
But don't get me wrong: I hear LOTS of good things about the Al Mar 2000.
Just to add to RH's post the Calypso Jr. with the Zytel hadle has a reversible clip as well.
Thanks for the info! Heres another question.
I have also found the SOG Night Vision.
SOG Night Vision vs. Al Mar SERE 2000? Which is the way to go?